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πŸŽ€ 🌺 Mother Daughter Tea & Bridging Ceremony πŸŽ€ πŸŒΈ

What a great way to spend Mother’s Day weekend – having tea with our beautiful Girl Scouts AND celebrating our sisters who are bridging to a new level next year!

Here are our amazing Daisies 🌼 and their mamas – we even got to celebrate with two grandmas! 

Our 2016-2017 Daisy Troop 2214!

And they have a message to share πŸ’—

Thank you cannot express the gratitude for these amazing young women! 


A special thank you to Leigh for organizing this great day 🌺🌷🌸

Daisies ❀️ Animals!!

We’ve had such a great time learning about animals!  This week we had extra help from our Senior Leaders in Action – who lead our first activity: How to care for & be safe with animals!

Next we learned a few yoga moves named after animals! The girls did so great!

We finished up by writing poems about animals that the girls then presented to each other. 

This was our last badge meeting so we ended by sharing our favorite part of Girl Scouts this year. 

SO blessed! ❀️

3 cheers for animals!!

we have started our 3 cheers for animals journey with a bird themed meeting. We read a story about how birds get their names and colors. We designed our own birds and habitats.We made our own nests from a variety of materials then drew a sister Scouts name and wrote her a message about what we liked about them.

We then made some bird wings and took to the skies outside to try different flights with each other.

Respecting Authority

We had our first lesson in respecting authority this week…at the Courthouse! It was so much fun seeing everything. The favorites were the metal detector, the microphones, and the therapy dog!

We also got to sit in two Judge Benches!

The best part of the jury box was the microphone!

Who knew a metal detector could be SO much fun!

Here we are in the jury room:

We ended our tour by sharing some time on “the bench” and in his chambers!

Such a great day learning about the judicial system. 

A special thank you to the mom’s for who helped make today special! 

2214 Earns Safety Badge

We all enjoyed learning about and earning our safety badge! We started the lesson learning & remembering our phone numbers & addresses!

The best part of this was the cute song we learned!

​Then we learned about what to do if someone’s choking:

The best part was learning to “stop, drop, & roll”!

2214 Slumber Party

SUCH a fun night together earning badges & sharing time together!!! 

Who’s surprised to know we love pizza?!? Such a yummy treat!

Our Brownie Troop was learning leadership was prepared our desert!

After dinner, we spent some time learning together: 

When it was time for sleep, we loved snuggling in and warning a movie.

Saturday morning we enjoyed breakfast & each other before heading home ❀️

Look at these adorable Girl Scouts! 

World Thinking Day

We are so blessed to live in a community that celebrates World Thinking Day. Our girls had the opportunity to both teach & learn about many countries.

….but first…a group photo!

And a silly one too 🀣

Three of our ladies were selected to participate in the procession of flags. They did such a great job! 

Next, the Daisy Troop went through each country, presented by older girls. They received a treat, a lot of information, a stamp in their passport, and something special for their lanyard.

Our Brownie Troop was one of the groups presenting-we had France! πŸ‡«πŸ‡· they did such a great job being organized and sharing information so the younger groups could learn! We gave each girl lavender and some brioche! 

After the learning came lunch and entertainment! We had a front row view!

We loved the show!

​​What an amazing and special day for our girls!
A very BIG thank you to the Juniors in our Troop & their Leaders for all the work that went into the France presentation. I know you’ve committed to this for a number of years. πŸ‘πŸ» well done! YOU are changing the lives of young women!!! So proud to be part of this with you!