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We like, we like to party!!!


Sometimes a party is what a gal needs!

At a couple of recent troop meetings we have had some occasions to celebrate.  This first was at our last meeting in October, which fell the day before, Girl Scout Founder, Juliette Gordon Low’s birthday.  We usually mark this important date in Girl Scout history with a cupcake decorating party and this year was no exception.  It was a day filled with a ton of Halloween activities during and after school, so we didn’t meet with our Daisies that day.  Therefore, the “celebration” was only marked by our Brownies and Juniors this year, but was still a great time had by all.





Some of these are pure works of art!


Speaking of art…..Additionally, so that ALL we were doing wasn’t just eating sugar, we started working on our troop auction projects by testing different kinds of paints on different types of paper.  These swatches will later be used in a couple of projects we plan to add to the auction our school does every year for fundraising.  But….even on their own these turned out really pretty!



But….don’t think just because they didn’t get to celebrate JGL’s bday, the Daisies would be without some party fun….As recently mentioned our Daisies completed their Take Action Project by planting tulip bulbs in the school garden. The girls have now earned the Amazing Daisy Award by making the world a better place and living the Girl Scout Law. To reward the girls and commemorate earning the final award of our journey, they celebrated with a garden party! The meeting was super fun, with the girls decorating their own garden party princess hats, snacking on sweet treats, playing games, and taking home goodie bags.

party1 party2 party3 party4

Daisies – Work to “Make the World a Better Place”


At a recent meeting, our Daisies continued reading about the Amazing Daisy in their journey book, and discussing how each of the flower friends matches up with a line in the Girl Scout Law. The girls used this discussion to review their Take Action Project.  They have been planning to ‘Make The World A Better Place’ by planting tulip bulbs in the school garden (planted a couple of years ago by then-Daisies in our troop and now maintained by the whole troop on different occasions). This project-garden works especially well with the Daisy journeys.

The group talked about how their bulbs will bloom in spring to make the garden more beautiful for everyone at school to enjoy. With the leaders, they discussed how the girls are living the Girl Scout Law with their project. The girls then split into two groups to plant and water their bulbs, earning the Golden Honey Bee Award.

Each Daisy had a chance to decide which flower friend in the story she most wants to be like, and color a picture of that flower. While one group worked outside (on the coldest day we have had yet this year…Brrrrr!), one group colored.  Then they switched.

To end their meeting, they talked about how the girls would like to celebrate completing their planting project- and the Daisies chose a Garden Party!  We now can’t wait for SPRING!!!

garden garden2

Brownies work on a community change project


Our Brownies have been talking about a community change project.  During their journey they have learned about their community and others around the world.  With a group of girls of this age, you can imagine the ideas very quite a bit.  But with some group discussion (and guidance), they have decided The Ronald McDonald House, would be their “charity” of choice because it is an organization that helps kids, like themselves!

RMHouse RMHouse2 RMHouse3

Their idea is to collect soda pop cans and can tabs to help raise money for the organization.

RMHouse5 RMHouse6

RMHouse8 RMHouse9

The girls discussed different ways they could let people know they are collecting pop tabs to help the Ronald McDonald House.  The girls talked about putting an announcement in the school newsletter, the church bulletin and hanging posters around the school, churches and even their parents’ places of work.


The girls also discussed different ways to really get people energized for their campaign, some of which include having the different grade-levels at school compete against each other for an ice cream party, or even taking it the next level by getting other Girl Scout Troops in our community involved.


If you have any suggestions or ideas to help make our community project a success please let us know, leave a comment below!

Veteran’s Day Parade

Today is Veteran’s Day!  This is the day we honor and show respect to all our Service Men and Women who dedicate their lives to ensuring our country’s freedoms.

On Saturday, our troop participated in our annual Veteran’s Day Parade.  It was a beautiful day, with great turn out.  Our girls were respectful and festive (and pretty darn CUTE!!!)







Our troop, and leader, were interviewed by KREX channel 5.  We showed up on the evening edition of the news. If you click that link you can watch us in action!

DSC_0005 DSC_0006 DSC_0007 DSC_0008 DSC_0011 DSC_0013


Our Service Unit won the “Most Spirited Unit” award for the 2013 parade.  Our troop leader accepted the award on behalf of the SU.



The parade is always fun.  And those beautiful colors sure make for some great photos!!!

DSC_0028 DSC_0030 DSC_0034  DSC_0036 DSC_0040 DSC_0042 DSC_0043 DSC_0049 DSC_0050 DSC_0051    DSC_0055 DSC_0057 DSC_0059


There are always some fun groups showing their support of Veterans.


This group of 4-wheeler “floats” stopped at the end of the parade route and gave us all their balloons!

DSC_0062 DSC_0063

There was one other Girl Scout troop in the Parade on Saturday, a new Daisy troop 10097.  So, we invited them to sit on our float and we marched together.




God Bless America!!



The Power of ONE


As our Juniors continue to make their way through their Agent of Change Journey, they continue to learn about the Power of One, the Power of Team and the Power of Community.


At a recent meeting the girls took a field trip to Canyon View Vineyard Church where they were able to participate on their High Ropes Course.  This is an amazing local resource and we were very fortunate to be able to fit this into a meeting before Winter.  This course is a great way for the girls to learn about their power as individuals.  Some girls have to dig deep to overcome their fears of heights but realized their inner strength can get them through any task!


Look how high they are!!


highropes1 highropes2   highropes5  highropes7    highropes11  highropes13    highropes19 highropes20 highropes21 highropes22


Due to time constraints, and the impending cold weather, in the Spring we will be taking another trip for sure.  Canyon View also has a Low Ropes course, so the girls can work on teamwork!

Then, their service project will focus on the power of community, rounding out and completing the journey!


Special thanks to the CVVC team for coming out and showing our girls an amazing time!  We can’t wait for Spring!