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“Making Friends” Badge

August 30, 2018
Welcome Brownies !
It was appropriate for our first meeting of the 2018-2019 year to earn our “Making Friends” badge. With a couple new faces and our 1st year brownies, our group is made up of 23 beautiful young ladies.
In planning for this badge, we thought what life skills can be learned and how can we make it fun. We separated into 2 groups and dove right in!
In one group, we learned the proper way to introduce ourselves, how important it is to make eye contact and remember and comment on a distinctive feature of each person you met to help remember them. Then, we sat in a circle and sang our introductory song using our first name and something we love that begins with the first letter of our name. What fun we had learning about each of our new friends!
In our other group, the girls were paired off and 1 Brownie per pair was given a Hershey bar. The challenge was to talk to you partner and decide between the two of them how to divide the bar, mimicking conflict resolution. It was fun to see how each of the girls came up with a different plan ( and only 1 contemplated if she really wanted to share it 😊) .
We came together as group and our art projects was Name Poems and A “I will be a good friend” contract. The girls got to visit and ask questions about another Brownies and use the ideas in their name poem.
The most enjoyable part of the meeting was seeing all the unique personalities and creativity shin thru as we begin our year-long journey.