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JUNIORS – Product Designer

Juniors in our troop plan and lead a badge each year.  Product Designer was lead by 5th grader M.H.  Below is her blog.

I chose Product Design because I would be able to design things.  There was more than that to it though.  I got to interview a product engineer from Traffix.  He taught me all about his job.  He has made a car impact cushion for semi-trucks on the highway so that cars don’t veer off the road and hit the trucks and so that they don’t hit people.  It’s already saved thousands of lives.  

Being a product designer is fun.  First of all you get to make stuff.  Second of all it takes a LONG time.  One group of engineers figures out what problems there are in the world.  How can we solve it?  When they decide on an idea they send it over to another group who analyzes it.  They see if it takes not much money and if it would work. Sometimes when they are in the middle of making it, they find a problem.  Then they have to start all over again.  
We started to design our own products in Girl Scouts.  My troop suster, C.A., made a book cover that has a handle, a light, and tissues!  I designed the perfect reading chair.  It had purple cushions, wheels, a couple of secret compartments and much more!  It was fun! I think it would be a good idea if there were a few more product engineers in the world! 



Another in our Girl Led series of badgework is DETECTIVE.

Requirements for earning the Detective Junior Badge– Step 1: Practice the power of observation. Step 2: Communicate in code. Step 3: Fingerprint for fun. Step 4: Try out detective science. Step 5: Follow the clues to solve a real mystery.

This badge was led by three girls, Juniors A.H, O.S and E.Y.  In her own words, A.H tells us what they did!

For the detective group we did many activities including fingerprints, Morse code and a clue scavenger hunt.  We had a lot of fun while learning about detective work.

In the first group, we did fingerprints with flour and tape.



Next we all had to guess whose name was on the card written in Morse code.


In another group we hid clues around a room about a person and everyone had to guess who it was. For the very end we made mystery stories.


We learned many new things that day!






Next in our series of Girl Lead badges was Musician.  Whether you’re already a musician or you just want to see what it’s like to make sounds on an instrument, there’s something for you in this badge.

This girl led team consisted of Juniors L.L, S.J and E.C.  The girls planned and executed the meeting by having a speaker, learning about national anthems from other countries and different instruments.

In the her own words, L.L explains how this all transpired –

“First our group had a speaker. Mrs. H. talked about her life in music and how she liked it. She told us about her job as a music teacher and that she kept teaching because of the students.  Then we listened to three different national anthems from different countries. We compared music from Italy, the United States, China, and Mexico.  Finally we watched You Tube videos on different instruments from around the world.  We learned about the Dundun from Africa, the Pipa from China, and the Array Mbira.

We asked Mrs. H. a couple of weeks before the presentation to come in to talk.  We asked her after school if the day and time would work.  We googled national anthems online and wrote down how they are the same and how they are different.  We then googled musical instruments from around the world and picked out instruments that would be fun to learn about.


music3 music4

We are VERY proud of all the girls for their diligence and creativity in planning these meetings.  We look forward to the rest of the year to see what some other groups turn out!


Thank you to Mrs. H. for agreeing to come speak to our girls!

Entertainment Technology – by Junior Cate S. and team.


Juniors in Troop 2214 learned about the Entertainment Technology badge in our books.  This was the first of the girl led badges for 2014-2015 and we are proud to kick off the tradition of girl led meetings, for this year! The badge was led by Cate S., Sarah C., and Sidona J.  At the beginning, during snack, the team did a little skit for the other girls. It taught the girls about Google and Apple and about how they evolved to fit to the modern world. Then we met Mr. Johnston so he could speak about special effects and video game inventing/technology. Then the Juniors did an elephant walk through the IHM church. The elephant ears where made of paper cups with slits cut in them.  The girls saw the difference of how loud the playground was, compared to the silence of the church. The girls also made a catapult and launched marshmallows into each others mouths.


To prepare, the team tried to figure out how to get the other girls to get the information about Google and Apple.  The team thought the other girls would like a skit and they would learn a lot.  For their speaker Sidona asked her dad to come and speak about special effects.  Earlier that year Sidona brought in some of the items from the laser and 3D printer.  For the elephant walk they went to talk to Father Don, to ask to have permission if they could walk through the church on Thursday, he told the team they could if they followed his rules, ” You have to be silent when you walk because if there is anyone in the church praying they could pray in peace, and you must bow in front of the tabernacle.  Do you understand girls?”  The team nodded.  For the catapult, one of the team member’s mothers bought marshmallows, popsicle  sticks, rubber bands and spoons.  The team had a great time planning and executing this meeting.
A great big “hug” to Mrs. Shirley, Mr. Johnston, and Father Don ( priest at Immaculate Heart Of Mary church.)
Good job team!

Juniors – Playing the Past

The final in our series of “girl lead” badgework for Juniors is Playing the Past. Through Playing the Past girls get to Dream up a character for themselves as a girl or woman who lived in another time period. You could be a poodle skirt-wearing Girl Scout from the 1950s, a Wild West cowgirl, a medieval duchess or maybe a Japanese princess from long ago. They could choose to be someone who really existed or a historical woman from imagination.

Three girls and one leader led this group. To prepare, they had a meeting and the girls decided they were going to be pilgrims and native Americans. They then ssigned tasks which were to be finding out info on what it was like to be a native American and pilgrim and finding games of the time.

During the meeting one girl pretended to be interviewing a tribal elder and a Pilgrim leader. The mock question-answer session was filled with information that helped the rest of the troop learn more about girls in these two time periods.

Additionally, there were two games played, one from each time period. The girls really enjoyed throwing themselves into a non-electronic age game….it was silly!

PlayPast1 (1)

PlayPast1 (2)

PlayPast1 (3)

PlayPast1 (4)

PlayPast1 (5)

JUNIORS – Animal Habitats


Next in our series of Girl Lead meetings was ANIMAL HABITATS. This was organized and presented by a group of three girls, over the course of 2 weeks.

For the animal habitat badge the girls had James Kahout with Canine Manners give a presentation. The girls did a great job with the introduction and talking about service dogs. Here is a summary of their script:

James is the owner of Canine Manners here in town. He is from Clarence, New York. He went to Animal Behavior College and then to National K9 School for dog trainers for obedience, police K9, service dog, personal protection, tracking, soft mouth retrieval, puppy development, and behavior modification.

James has trained over 4,000 dogs in three different states. He has worked with many different breeds and types of dogs. He will tell us some great stories, show us several scars from aggressive dogs, and explain why it is important to create a specific animal habitat for each type of training.

James was recently involved in the ‘Dutch’ Case, which was the city of Montrose vs. Jeremiah Aguilar. He was brought on as an expert witness and won the case!

James motto is ‘training humans one dog at a time’.

He uses all styles of training to get the best result out of each dog……

James did a demonstration with the service dog Zoey and answered ALL the questions the girls and parents asked. Everything from breeds of dogs, training, types of service dogs, ect. We even had a few teachers that stayed and watched.

At the end the girls handed out a summary about service dogs.









The second meeting , we had an educator from Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Her name was Trina Romero. Trina explained how different kinds of animals need different habitats. She also talked about how to protect the environment by using less water for showers, make less pollution by riding a bike for example, you can grow your own food and feed animals with feeders (like birds). Trina did a group activity where we were broken into groups of FOOD, SHELTER, WATER and SPACE. We then balanced on each other in a circle. She would call out one group, such as WATER, and everyone in that group needed to walk out of the circle. When we did this, the circle fell apart illustrating that without just ONE of these important things, an animal’s habitat is incomplete and not safe.



Thank you James and Trina!!! Good job Girls!

JUNIORS – Drawing

Juniors worked on their Drawing badge, during the third in our series of Girl Lead meetings. And in the spirit of “Girl Lead”, this blog post was submitted by one of the three Juniors who lead this badge work.

Our Drawing Badge was separated into two different meetings. The first part we went to the Art Center and did an art project with Mrs. Rachel. We learned about shading, medium, and perspective, and saw some really neat art work that inspired us.



draw3 draw4










And the second part was lead by C. (me) , A., and L. We broke into three groups and each taught the girls something. I had them each draw a new cover for their favorite book or music album, they could also draw a cover for a book they are writing or an album that they are going to eventually make. A. taught them how to draw the Bronco’s logo. L. taught them how to draw a cartoon ant.






We concluded our Drawing Badge by having an art show with the Brownies and Daisies as our audience.

“The girls are so creative and fun. I enjoyed learning new things as well. I had such a great time being a teacher. The girls are all so polite and patient . I got to know each and every one of them better. I can tell they read very often. All of them are little artists inside.” – Junior, C.

Good jobs done, all around, on the Girl Lead series. We are all looking forward to all the badgework coming up!

Thanks, also, to Mrs. Rachel at The Art Center – Western Colorado Center for the Arts.