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Daisies – The importance of being responsible


Daisies are continuing to work on Daisy Flower Garden journey. The characters in the journey story have just found a hidden box buried in a garden. Inside the box was a key, which opens the garden gate. The girls had a chance to think about what they would like to uncover in a garden, and draw a picture of it.









We also talked about all of the different types of keys we have at home and what they are for.


With the journey the girls are also learning more about plants and gardens, as well as the importance of being “responsible for what I say and do.” The girls used the pots they decorated a few weeks ago and planted basil seeds in them. By taking care of their mini-gardens, the girls are learning to be responsible.

IMG_1207 IMG_1208




It’s a new year and one of our very first events is always an Investiture/Rededication ceremony.  Our local council office has a beautiful backyard area that we always book, way in advance, so we have this event on our troop calendar early on.  This year was no exception.


As we are a huge multi-level troop we need to have quite a few leaders to adhere to safety ratios.  We are fortunate to have 10 trained leaders.  Because of this we also assign one annual event to each leader/team of leaders to plan and execute.  Investiture is always co-leader D’s baby!


The general ceremony always remains the same.  It focuses on the Girl Scout Promise and Law and usually has a “take away” the troop can use to visually see their commitment.  We have used candles and made rainbow colored paper chains but this year’s idea was especially (in this writer’s opinion) beautiful!  D had a long piece of rope that was held by the girls as they stood in a circle.  When their time came, each girl added a piece of colored ribbon to the rope.  It’s really pretty.  Even better, we will continue to add pieces of ribbon year after year, as our girls grow and as new girls join our troop.  It’s a really nice visual reminder that the girls are equal parts of a whole and equal parts of a shared history!



DSC05355 DSC05359 DSC05360 DSC05361

DSC05364 DSC05368  DSC05349DSC05371 DSC05373 DSC05376


We also use this event, since we always require they be in full uniform for this ceremony, to take our troop photos for the year.  These eventually get printed into our thank you cards given to everyone who helps our troop in some way during the year!

DSC05339 DSC05338



DSC05334 DSC05333



DSC05342 DSC05341



And our sister scouts from CADETTE  Troop 10065

DSC05337 DSC05336


DSC05345 DSC05344


2014-2015 Officially Begins!!

Day 1

Another year is upon us and we have started off with a bang. Our total number of girls this year is 43, which is 2 more than we have been at our largest. Yes, we are insane…but at the same time, what better opportunity do we have to positively shape young girls…future leaders of tomorrow?!?!! 🙂

We are still sticking to our same schedule of doing 15-20 minutes of Self Esteem programming, with a focus on positive body image and being proud to be a girl! We are working through every girl, in age appropriate ways. This year we are working through Free Being Me, which is a program created in partnership with WAGGS (World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts) and Dove. We are really excited to take on this endeavor this year.

Technically we are two troops this year (are you following our sister troop’s blog ?) because our Cadettes will likely move to a different day and time in the future to accommodate their crazy hectic Middle School schedules. But, for now we still meet as one large group and work in four troop level activities each week.

So…highlighted this week, are our Daisies!
photo 8 photo 9

photo 7 photo 6

The girls have jumped right in to their Daisy Flower Garden journey and they spent some time practicing the Girl Scout Promise. We also went over the Girl Scout Law, line by line, and let the girls come up with examples of what it means to be ‘Honest and Fair’, ‘Courageous and Strong’, and ‘Considerate and Caring’. The girls also came up with several ways we can ‘Make the World A Better Place’. We had the girls choose a favorite line of the Girl Scout Law, and use it for inspiration during our craft time. Each girl was then given a flower pot to decorate with whatever words or pictures they wanted. We ended up with 13 beautiful pots which will be part of a future planting project.

photo 2 photo 3

photo 4 photo 5
They also decorated reusable drink cups to use during snack time. We are using our resources wisely and making sure we leave the world a better place by not creating unnecessary trash!

It’s gonna be a SUPER FUN year!!!

Annual Leader Retreat

Before we kick off our year we always get together as leaders for a weekend “retreat”. This is a chance for us to bond and get some prep work done for the year.




Again we were invited to stay at co-leader D’s family cabin, which is super amazing! We are so fortunate to have such beautiful places in our state and are eternally grateful to the entire Copeland family for allowing us free reign of their place for a weekend. After we “work” we just hang out for a nice, relaxing time with our kids!













This is typically a family weekend but this year our newest leaders opted out of bringing kids and spouses so they could just hang out and get to know the ropes. It was an amazing weekend!!

The only hubby that came up ended up being put to work when a pipe broke…great thing he wanted to get “out of the city” (all relative considering our town is pretty small!) for the weekend because we would have been without running water for several days had our handyman not been there! Thanks G!!!

Until next year!!