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Juniors craft with purpose


After a few weeks off for the holidays the Junior leadership decided something fun was in order to get the girls back into the groove of Girl Scouts.  A quick craft was just the ticket!


The girls made slip-proof socks.  They used puffy fabric paint, to paint cute designs on the bottom of plain white athletic socks.  When it dried, it mimicked the sticky dots on the bottom of slipper socks.  They then donated their socks to Mantey Heights Rehabilitation & Care Center, which is a local senior living facility.


This is Barb, she LOVED her socks!!

We leaders were joking around after the Juniors completed this project that a craft that is also a philanthropic endeavor should have a name.  We’ve dubbed it “Craftanthropy” .

Daisies – Work to “Make the World a Better Place”


At a recent meeting, our Daisies continued reading about the Amazing Daisy in their journey book, and discussing how each of the flower friends matches up with a line in the Girl Scout Law. The girls used this discussion to review their Take Action Project.  They have been planning to ‘Make The World A Better Place’ by planting tulip bulbs in the school garden (planted a couple of years ago by then-Daisies in our troop and now maintained by the whole troop on different occasions). This project-garden works especially well with the Daisy journeys.

The group talked about how their bulbs will bloom in spring to make the garden more beautiful for everyone at school to enjoy. With the leaders, they discussed how the girls are living the Girl Scout Law with their project. The girls then split into two groups to plant and water their bulbs, earning the Golden Honey Bee Award.

Each Daisy had a chance to decide which flower friend in the story she most wants to be like, and color a picture of that flower. While one group worked outside (on the coldest day we have had yet this year…Brrrrr!), one group colored.  Then they switched.

To end their meeting, they talked about how the girls would like to celebrate completing their planting project- and the Daisies chose a Garden Party!  We now can’t wait for SPRING!!!

garden garden2

Brownies work on a community change project


Our Brownies have been talking about a community change project.  During their journey they have learned about their community and others around the world.  With a group of girls of this age, you can imagine the ideas very quite a bit.  But with some group discussion (and guidance), they have decided The Ronald McDonald House, would be their “charity” of choice because it is an organization that helps kids, like themselves!

RMHouse RMHouse2 RMHouse3

Their idea is to collect soda pop cans and can tabs to help raise money for the organization.

RMHouse5 RMHouse6

RMHouse8 RMHouse9

The girls discussed different ways they could let people know they are collecting pop tabs to help the Ronald McDonald House.  The girls talked about putting an announcement in the school newsletter, the church bulletin and hanging posters around the school, churches and even their parents’ places of work.


The girls also discussed different ways to really get people energized for their campaign, some of which include having the different grade-levels at school compete against each other for an ice cream party, or even taking it the next level by getting other Girl Scout Troops in our community involved.


If you have any suggestions or ideas to help make our community project a success please let us know, leave a comment below!