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aMuse – Roles and Stereotypes

Our Juniors have started working on the aMuse Journey.  In this journey the girls will build confidence by trying  roles they choose for themselves by being creative, telling stories and inspiring others to try new roles, too.

At our last meeting each girl was given a banner with 7 pennants and had to decorate each flag with a single word/phrase to describe themselves.  They decorated them and shared with the group.  Then, they were told to hang them somewhere special to remind themselves of who they are…to be true to themselves always.


Today we worked on Roles and Stereotypes and how often times, fair or not, they influence each other.



The girls were given a variety of roles, printed on post its, to try on for themselves and assign to their troop mates.  We talked about why they each chose the roles they did for themselves and discussed why their troop mates might have chosen some of the other roles for them.  It was very interesting to hear how they each view themselves compared to how others view them.


Then we spent a really long time talking about stereotypes.  We did this by giving them each several “should” sentences and telling the girls they HAD to determine whether or not their “should” was for boys or for girls.  The ensuing OUTRAGE at being FORCED to pick when, CLEARLY, any and all can be for BOTH.  We then talked about how “traditional roles” have paved the way for the stereotypes of today.  The girls also got a lesson in how lucky they are to go to school and live where they do because there are, sadly, still places in our world where girls can’t even do that!


Great, fulfilling meeting!  Can’t wait to start telling our story and learning about amazing women in our community.

Juniors AMUSE – Panel Discussion


Our Juniors recently had a successful panel discussion to fulfill one requirement of their AMUSE Journey.  We invited four powerful ladies to our troop meeting so they could share with us the many different roles that they play in their lives.

To Prep for the panel discussion, the girls spent a meeting coming up with questions to ask the ladies.

amuse1 amuse

-What are the roles that you play in your life today – at your job, in your family, as a volunteer?
-What role did you take on at some point in your life that you never really expected to have? What did you learn from it? Where did it lead you next?
-Did you ever have to give up on a role you wanted and try something else?
-Has anything stopped you from playing any of your roles?
-Have you ever had to confront a stereotype?  If so, what happened?
-Are there women who paved the way for you in your roles? Who are they, and what have you learned form them?
-What Stereotypes do you think girls my age face in the world today?
-What can we do about stereotypes?
-What other roles do you hope to try at some point?
-What did you want to be when you were my age?

amusepanel3 amusepanel2

The panelists were Brenda Watson; a Business owner, race car driver and mother, Delaney Clements; a student, cancer survivor, and cancer awareness advocate, Brianna Brodak; a Gym owner, fitness instructor, wife, and mother), and Christen Coburn; an Accountant, Yoga and fitness instructor, and wife.


The girls asked some great questions and were very respectful.  We are very thankful to our panelists for taking the time out of their busy schedules to work with our girls!

I Am….a Brownie & ….MORE!!!


Brownies did an ‘All About Me’ art project to earn the Discovering Me Key in their journey. The Brownies did a wonderful job decorating their self portraits. Each girl chose words, stickers and decorations to make their project unique and reflect their own talents/qualities and personality.

IMG_0759.JPG IMG_0760.JPG IMG_0761.JPG

Templates and inspiration for this project can be found here.  Be sure to check out our Cadette sisters in Troop 10065 because they did this super cool project, too!

The Power of ONE


As our Juniors continue to make their way through their Agent of Change Journey, they continue to learn about the Power of One, the Power of Team and the Power of Community.


At a recent meeting the girls took a field trip to Canyon View Vineyard Church where they were able to participate on their High Ropes Course.  This is an amazing local resource and we were very fortunate to be able to fit this into a meeting before Winter.  This course is a great way for the girls to learn about their power as individuals.  Some girls have to dig deep to overcome their fears of heights but realized their inner strength can get them through any task!


Look how high they are!!


highropes1 highropes2   highropes5  highropes7    highropes11  highropes13    highropes19 highropes20 highropes21 highropes22


Due to time constraints, and the impending cold weather, in the Spring we will be taking another trip for sure.  Canyon View also has a Low Ropes course, so the girls can work on teamwork!

Then, their service project will focus on the power of community, rounding out and completing the journey!


Special thanks to the CVVC team for coming out and showing our girls an amazing time!  We can’t wait for Spring!



Juniors do an AGENT OF CHANGE Craft

Junior Journey Award Patch Set

The Agent of Change is the Junior’s “It’s Your World – Change It” journey.  This journey is filled with fun and friendship. The girls will move from a deeper understanding of themselves to exploring how powerful they are as a team, to realizing the added strength they gain by reaching out in the wider community to take action with its members. Agent of Change offers girls a chance to earn three awards and record progress throughout the journey in their own ”Award Tracker.”

  • To earn The Power of One Award, girls will discover all the ways their own strengths and powers help them create change in the world
  • To earn The Power of Team Award, girls will make a team decision and write their team hopes for a Take Action Project that reaches into a community network to solve a problem together with community members
  • To earn The Power of Community Award, girls take action on their plan, reach out, join others and get them involved, and start something that snowballs into a change in their world.


The girls had been hankering for a craft so it was decided a group activity of “friendship pins” would work out well.  Each girl made one pin for each of their troop sisters.  Their work as individuals was an example of how they are each “powerful” as ONE.  When an issue arose, most often with a bead’s opening being too small for the safety pin, the girls rallied together to dig through the dishes of beads to find beads that were more accommodating, illustrating how they are “powerful” as a TEAM.  When they had completed 12 pins each, each girl gave one pin to each of the other girls so every girl had 12 friendship pins they could hook together and wear on their uniforms.  This is a constant reminder that they are part of a Girl Scout Troop “community” and there is plenty of “power” in that!



Great job girls!

Daisies – The importance of being responsible


Daisies are continuing to work on Daisy Flower Garden journey. The characters in the journey story have just found a hidden box buried in a garden. Inside the box was a key, which opens the garden gate. The girls had a chance to think about what they would like to uncover in a garden, and draw a picture of it.









We also talked about all of the different types of keys we have at home and what they are for.


With the journey the girls are also learning more about plants and gardens, as well as the importance of being “responsible for what I say and do.” The girls used the pots they decorated a few weeks ago and planted basil seeds in them. By taking care of their mini-gardens, the girls are learning to be responsible.

IMG_1207 IMG_1208

2014-2015 Officially Begins!!

Day 1

Another year is upon us and we have started off with a bang. Our total number of girls this year is 43, which is 2 more than we have been at our largest. Yes, we are insane…but at the same time, what better opportunity do we have to positively shape young girls…future leaders of tomorrow?!?!! 🙂

We are still sticking to our same schedule of doing 15-20 minutes of Self Esteem programming, with a focus on positive body image and being proud to be a girl! We are working through every girl, in age appropriate ways. This year we are working through Free Being Me, which is a program created in partnership with WAGGS (World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts) and Dove. We are really excited to take on this endeavor this year.

Technically we are two troops this year (are you following our sister troop’s blog ?) because our Cadettes will likely move to a different day and time in the future to accommodate their crazy hectic Middle School schedules. But, for now we still meet as one large group and work in four troop level activities each week.

So…highlighted this week, are our Daisies!
photo 8 photo 9

photo 7 photo 6

The girls have jumped right in to their Daisy Flower Garden journey and they spent some time practicing the Girl Scout Promise. We also went over the Girl Scout Law, line by line, and let the girls come up with examples of what it means to be ‘Honest and Fair’, ‘Courageous and Strong’, and ‘Considerate and Caring’. The girls also came up with several ways we can ‘Make the World A Better Place’. We had the girls choose a favorite line of the Girl Scout Law, and use it for inspiration during our craft time. Each girl was then given a flower pot to decorate with whatever words or pictures they wanted. We ended up with 13 beautiful pots which will be part of a future planting project.

photo 2 photo 3

photo 4 photo 5
They also decorated reusable drink cups to use during snack time. We are using our resources wisely and making sure we leave the world a better place by not creating unnecessary trash!

It’s gonna be a SUPER FUN year!!!

Juniors All Day Journey – GET MOVING


In a two-year curriculum, our troop only works on one journey per year, not making it easy for a girl to earn her Summit Award, which requires completion of all three journeys in any given level. So, Like with the all-day Daisy and Brownie journeys written about in previous posts, our troop also spent a Saturday offering an all-day journey for our Juniors. We did Get Moving with the girls.

This journey offers Juniors a chance to earn three Girl Scout leadership awards—Energize, Investigate, and Innovate.

To earn the Energize Award, girls:
•Make an Energy Pledge to reduce their energy use in one or more ways
•Try at least two other Energize activities suggested along the journey
•Check out how other people are tackling energy issues

To earn the Investigate Award, girls connect with their Girl Scout crew to:
•Learn about energy use in their buildings
•Work with their families to make an energy improvement at home
•Investigate energy use in a community building and suggest ways to make it more energy-efficient

To earn the Innovate Award, girls:
•Identify an energy issue in the community, research it, create a plan, and carry it out, all the while reaching out to others to join in, too
•Share the news, reflect on what they accomplished, and celebrate it

In order to get all these activities into one day, the girls and leaders went on a couple of field trips, had a speaker come to them AND worked on group work and craft projects. It was a jammed pack day of fun!

The day started with a trop to the John McConnell Math & Science Center. At the Math and Science Center they learned about the different types of energy. The girls made turbines to use Wind energy to lift a bunch of pennies. One group was able to lift 92 pennies and it weighed 244.9 grams. They learned about kinetic, thermal, and other types of energy, too. Experiments included mixing yeast and hydrogen peroxide to make a thermal reaction that was warm, and baking soda and vinegar to make a cold solution. Also, they made “sound sandwiches” that were very loud, out of popsicle sticks and rubber bands.

JJourney JJourney5




JJourney6 JJourney9





After the Math & Science center they travelled to Cafe Sol for lunch. Here the girls saw first hand a business where they are very creative about how they used their resources. One of the ways they did this was by separating trash into compost, recyclables and trash. Owner, Nick Santos, said that the trash bill was cut by 30 percent and he felt good about not putting all of that into the landfill. They have a local farmer who collects compost from the restaurant twice a week.



JJourney13 JJourney17





What Goobers!

After lunch everyone returned to our regular meeting space at school to work on crafts and group work. Each of the girls decorated reusable shopping bags to share with their families and to replace the plastic ones the grocery stores provide.



Jjourney23 JJourney24




Discussion on the benefits of biking, carpooling and walking vs traditional driving to and from your destination. The girls talked about community bike sharing programs throughout the world and how those programs work. Additionally, everyone did an energy audit on our own homes and discussed ways to recognize energy wasted and lost and ways to save and conserve. They investigated to make our homes more energy efficient and methods to implement. The girls discussed “light pollution” and how that makes seeing stars at night much more difficult in the city. They discovered in the mountains it is much easier to see stars while camping where there is much less light pollution. 30 percent off outdoor energy is wasted and that can affect animals bugs and other wildlife.

Discussions continued with how small differences in savings can add up. The girls discovered that we as a whole Girl Scout Troop use almost 1,500 water bottles for meetings and events alone. That is a lot of water bottles, waste and money. Nick at Café Sol says that his distributors are indicating that recently people are shying away from using disposable bottles and looking for sustainable water bottle replacement ideas. The girls decided that we would implement bringing and using water bottles for future meetings.

Each girl took an energy pledge.





To conclude the journey Dave Davis from Ed Bozarth Chevrolet visited and talked about electric and hybrid cars. He also discussed the tax incentives for owning these types of vehicles. The girls were able to tour a Volt and learn about efficiency and the impact on their carbon imprint with this type of car.






Five Juniors earned Summit through the completion of this journey! Good job girls!!

FUN snack!!

SPECIAL thanks to the staff at the Math & Science Center, Nick Santos and his staff at Café Sol and Dave Davis at Ed Bozarth for assisting with the day!

DAISIES – All Day Journey: 3 Cheers for Animals

As we only offer one journey per year during our troop year, in an effort to assist our second year Daisies with earning their Summit Award, we offered an all-day journey on a recent Saturday. Two of our second year Juniors planned and ran this journey as their way of earning their Junior Aide Award prior to bridging to Cadettes.

As leaders we know how much time, dedication and work goes into planning a journey and we are extremely proud of these two girls for their initiative and effort. It was great to watch the older girls use their activities to teach the Daisies about non-verbal communication, self-confidence, presentation skills and taking care of themselves (and other living creatures) all while having FUN!! The day ran smoothly, was jammed pack full of creative activities and everyone had a great time!

Written by Juniors B.G and K.W.

We planned and ran an entire Daisy Journey, 3 Cheers for Animals, to earn our Junior Aide award.

Through this journey we all learned how to care for ourselves and animals.

Throughout the day we read stories, did crafts and fun activities based on animals. Some of the activities we did with the Daisies were “Fly, Fly Away”, Follow the Leader, “Made by Me Nests” and we drew and pasted animals onto a mural. We also made origami penguins and did yoga.

On our journey we learned different animals from the flower friends while we read them stories.

At the end we performed for the parents and the Daisies told all about the animals they picked.

We all had lots of fun.

To lead a journey is such a thrilling experience. The Daisies learned so much in one day and we all enjoyed it.


















All good meetings end with a Friendship Circle. During this circle everyone said what they were thankful to learn and gave examples of how they will take care of animals and themselves!

Additionally, the girls took some time outside to take advantage of a gorgeous day and give the small ones a break from being stuck inside all day. After lunch they took a nature walk around the school and got to see some birds’ nests with babies in them! It was a lovely coincidence and helped tie the journey with real life, in real time! Lucky girls!!


Special thanks to Donna Wasneski, from Gold’s Gym, for coming last minute after our original yoga instructor had a family emergency!

BROWNIES – All Day Journey: WOW!


In order for a girl to earn her Summit Award, she must have completed all 3 Journeys available for her troop level. In a 2-year course, we complete 2 Journeys, one for each year before she bridges to the next level. So, essentially a girl must complete the 3rd on her own. In an effort to assist with this, for any girls wanting to earn Summit, our troop offered all-day Journeys, on different Saturdays, for each level.

Brownies worked on the WOW! Wonders of Water journey. The WOW! journey presents Brownies the opportunity to earn four awards. Girls begin with small, personal acts and then move out to purposeful teamwork that engages the larger community and influences its members in significant ways.

LOVE Water – This first award encourages girls to become aware of the many ways they use and enjoy water. As they begin to understand the science of water and its importance in the world, they will also make a personal commitment to protect it.
SAVE Water – The second award is earned when the Brownies team up and speak up as advocates to protect water or keep it clean in their community. Girls start thinking as a team about what they will do for water. By making an effort that moves beyond themselves, the girls begin to realize the impact that group efforts can produce.
SHARE Water – Girls earn the third award as they create an even bigger ripple by sharing their efforts for water with others, educating and inspiring them to join in, and asking them to commit to a water promise.
WOW! – Girls culminate their journey by earning the WOW! Award, a grand finale that symbolizes the powerful change they’ve brought to their community. They earn the award by showing proof of their SHARE Water efforts, and by describing how their efforts relate to the Girl Scout Law and how they have had an impact as leaders.

In the photo above, the girls begin work on their Team W.O.W. map, drawing pictures of where their favorite places are to go and see water. The girls worked on this all day adding pictures of water to it from what we were learning and reading. At the end, they added their personal water promises on rain drops and we had our parents write water promises too!

The girls are holding water jars or labels for containers that show where their favorite water came from. This activity was to connect the girls to where water is in their own lives and get them to talk about what it means to them and the role it plays.

Brownie C.A. shows a picture of 14-year-old New York student Deepika Kurup, who invented a solar water purification system and got to meet the President of the United States. The girls were really enchanted with the story of this girl. We encourage you to Google her name to read more about her! Or listen to her here:

The Brownies work on their letters to family, friends and favorite celebrities. These letters are what the Brownies committed to doing for our SAVE project at the end of our WOW journey. Most of these letters were drafts, and the girls will work on final versions at home with mom and dad and mail them off!

Team W.O.W. Map – finished product.