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Juniors got to have a really fun trip to one of the local news stations. They stood in front of the green screen and tried to “read” the weather, while trying to remember to point in the opposite direction of where they thought the map was showing them! They toured the station and sat in the audience while the anchors read the news, live and on the air!

Thanks to KKCO!!

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KKCO Alesia

KKCO Araceli


KKCO Bridget

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Brownies, with Daisies along for the ride, visited the Museum of the West as one step towards completing their Celebrating Community legacy badge. They learned about Conquistadors coming to the west and briging horses. The Ute Indians adopted the use of horses after this. They also got to “fly” in a small plane, sit in a stage coach, check out a turn of the century (20th) fire engine, tour a replica of a Uranium mine and sit in an OLD classroom! One other favorite hit was the old phone booth (anyone remember those??!!??)

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Museum of West

Thinking Day 2013

Thinking Day is an annual event held by our Service Unit. Each participating troop picks a country and spends time creating a display about it, including facts about their Girl Scouts/Guides, samples of food and fun SWAPS (Special Whatchamacallit Adoringly Pinned Somewhere). Our troop is a multi-level and is HUGE, 40 girls, so this year we decided it was easier for each level to do their own display. We kept all 3 displays in the same region of the earth, so they kind of tied together. Daisies did a fantastic display for MEXICO, Brownies did EL SALVADOR and Juniors rounded it out with a very full display of GUATEMALA.

SWAPS – Mexico was a maraca made from a wooden bead and golf tee. El Salvador was a friendship knot tied with ribbon in the colors of the country’s flag, Guatemala was a tamale.

Thinking Day Daisies

Brownies TD

Juniors TD

* A couple of girls started the year with our troop were adopted from Guatemala so we are VERY thankful they were still willing to share all of their memorabilia for our display.