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JUNIORS – Product Designer

Juniors in our troop plan and lead a badge each year.  Product Designer was lead by 5th grader M.H.  Below is her blog.

I chose Product Design because I would be able to design things.  There was more than that to it though.  I got to interview a product engineer from Traffix.  He taught me all about his job.  He has made a car impact cushion for semi-trucks on the highway so that cars don’t veer off the road and hit the trucks and so that they don’t hit people.  It’s already saved thousands of lives.  

Being a product designer is fun.  First of all you get to make stuff.  Second of all it takes a LONG time.  One group of engineers figures out what problems there are in the world.  How can we solve it?  When they decide on an idea they send it over to another group who analyzes it.  They see if it takes not much money and if it would work. Sometimes when they are in the middle of making it, they find a problem.  Then they have to start all over again.  
We started to design our own products in Girl Scouts.  My troop suster, C.A., made a book cover that has a handle, a light, and tissues!  I designed the perfect reading chair.  It had purple cushions, wheels, a couple of secret compartments and much more!  It was fun! I think it would be a good idea if there were a few more product engineers in the world! 

Troop 2214 Summer


WOW!  Where does the time go?  We blink and an entire summer has passed us by.  We are getting ready to start our new troop year so thought today was as good a day as any to get back into the groove with the blog, too!

In year’s past we have done an all-troop family camping trip.  It is a HUGE endeavor, with a ton of prep and expense.  After a not-as-good-as-usual cookie sale, we were less on funds when Summer came than we had ever been in the past.  After much discussion we opted to try a GIRL ONLY Day Camp this year and held it in our Girl Scout Council’s backyard area.  Anticipating the same activities, short of sleeping in a tent, it turned out to be a pretty good compromise.


Our camping trips are always jam-packed with badge earning activities and even though we didn’t sleep away, this year was no different.

On our camping trips we always do learned skills; knife safety, knots and fire starting.  This year, as our older girls have been doing this for years and years (and are at that age where eye-rolling comes standard!), we had the oldest girls teach knife safety and knot tying.  It was a great opportunity to shake things up a bit and get the girls working on their leadership and teaching skills.  We also showed the girls how to safely start a camp fire using matches and with steel wool and a 9-volt battery!  Which, of course, they thought was really cool!

DSC_0016 DSC_0020 DSC_0023 DSC_0024

DSC_0026 DSC_0029 DSC_0032  DSC_0059 DSC_0058 DSC_0056 DSC_0068 DSC_0071

This year we taught the girls how to use a compass, too!


After illustrating “magnetism” with a pin floating on water, we gave them actual compasses to follow some basic instructions around the yard. They worked in teams and did really well!


DSC_0043 DSC_0036DSC_0076

What’s a day camp without some games?  Being in the back yard made it really easy for us to do some fun games, with water and pool noodles!  It was a fun way to break up the day and have the girls work on teamwork!

DSC_0172 DSC_0140 DSC_0116 DSC_0122 DSC_0124 DSC_0129 DSC_0132 DSC_0133 DSC_0115

Additionally, we always make an art to wear project; usually a tshirt and a piece of jewelry.  So, keeping with tradition we did just that, making a tshirt with a stencil, bleach and water (don’t worry we were safe with masks and gloves!) and a bracelet.  This year we also used some of our knot skills to make water bottle carriers with the girls getting to decorate their own water bottles.

DSC_0207 DSC_0202DSC_0201DSC_0206

Meal prep is always an important task, and even in the back yard we were able to teach the girls how to make easy snacks and do some campfire cooking.  They had edible bird nests for snack, made pizzaritos (a burrito stuffed with pizza fillings instead of beans!) on the campfire for lunch and they did some dutch-oven cooking by making corn bread for dinner to go with the chili the leaders made.

DSC_0208 DSC_0209 DSC_0216 DSC_0199 DSC_0321 DSC_0184 YUMMY!

It was a REALLY hot Summer day, so we moved inside during the peak of the heat to learn about how to read food labels, satisfying more badge earning requirements, and work on our bracelets in an air-conditioned room!


Before dinner, towards the end of the day, we had a lesson in Leave No Trace.  It was a great way to teach the girls a valuable lesson AND get them to pick up the trash from the day, leaving the back yard better than we found it!


To end the day, because we weren’t able to fit a bridging ceremony in our busy schedule earlier in the summer, we also did a troop bridging ceremony.  This is always a really special event for us.  Being a HUGE multi-level troop, we are able to do all required activities and the ceremony “in house”.  Using the bridge in the council backyard was special, too!

DSC_0257 DSC_0246 DSC_0241 DSC_0315 DSC_0267

These smiling faces, and the lifetime bonds these girls are building are what keep us going!!

DSC_0144 DSC_0143 DSC_0100 DSC_0095

All in all, a great (and exhausting) day…topped off with cupcakes!!


BROWNIES – Celebrating Community Badge

Sometimes you just have to get out of your meeting space and the Brownie Celebrating Community badge is the perfect excuse.


In this badge, girls get to find out what their communities do to celebrate all the people in them.  Communities often celebrate what makes them special with ceremonies or parades. They might also celebrate by building statues or museums. So… to a museum they went!

In our town we have a museum dedicated to preserving, and educating about, the history of our town and our part of the state.  According to it’s website, Museum of Western Colorado is the largest multi-disciplinary museum between Salt Lake City and Denver. Over the past forty years it has grown to include three major museum facilities, three active outdoor paleontology sites, an educational center and a respected research library. The museum offers a multitude of programs featuring dinosaur expeditions, extensive educational programming and historic and cultural trips and tours, ranging from local to international. One of the facilities is the Museum of the West, offers a thousand years of history, which is where our Brownies went to learn about our community!


The girls learned about our community starting with the Native Americans.  They were able to gaze upon an ancient cup and ladle from the Anasazi and study Ute and Fremont Rock Art.


They sat in a one-room schoolhouse and learned what it was like to live in Grand Junction as a young child.

The Brownies loved to learn about traveling across the Rockies in a covered wagon.  They got to “ride” in a stagecoach, “fly” a 1958 Cessna from Walker Field (our local airport).  They got to see real firearms that outlaws used, and visit the Pastime saloon to experience western Americana at its best.


All-in-all a great time and a wonderful peek into the past of their community.




Another in our Girl Led series of badgework is DETECTIVE.

Requirements for earning the Detective Junior Badge– Step 1: Practice the power of observation. Step 2: Communicate in code. Step 3: Fingerprint for fun. Step 4: Try out detective science. Step 5: Follow the clues to solve a real mystery.

This badge was led by three girls, Juniors A.H, O.S and E.Y.  In her own words, A.H tells us what they did!

For the detective group we did many activities including fingerprints, Morse code and a clue scavenger hunt.  We had a lot of fun while learning about detective work.

In the first group, we did fingerprints with flour and tape.



Next we all had to guess whose name was on the card written in Morse code.


In another group we hid clues around a room about a person and everyone had to guess who it was. For the very end we made mystery stories.


We learned many new things that day!






Next in our series of Girl Lead badges was Musician.  Whether you’re already a musician or you just want to see what it’s like to make sounds on an instrument, there’s something for you in this badge.

This girl led team consisted of Juniors L.L, S.J and E.C.  The girls planned and executed the meeting by having a speaker, learning about national anthems from other countries and different instruments.

In the her own words, L.L explains how this all transpired –

“First our group had a speaker. Mrs. H. talked about her life in music and how she liked it. She told us about her job as a music teacher and that she kept teaching because of the students.  Then we listened to three different national anthems from different countries. We compared music from Italy, the United States, China, and Mexico.  Finally we watched You Tube videos on different instruments from around the world.  We learned about the Dundun from Africa, the Pipa from China, and the Array Mbira.

We asked Mrs. H. a couple of weeks before the presentation to come in to talk.  We asked her after school if the day and time would work.  We googled national anthems online and wrote down how they are the same and how they are different.  We then googled musical instruments from around the world and picked out instruments that would be fun to learn about.


music3 music4

We are VERY proud of all the girls for their diligence and creativity in planning these meetings.  We look forward to the rest of the year to see what some other groups turn out!


Thank you to Mrs. H. for agreeing to come speak to our girls!



Brownies have started working on the Inventor badge. They started badge work by inventing their own yogurt dip.  The girls were each given a scoop of yogurt which they then were able to add different spices and seasonings to create their own yogurt dip invention. The girls utilized many different spices, however the favorites were cinnamon, pumpkin and sugar.  Each yogurt dip was very different despite using similar ingredients.

invent1 invent2 invent3 invent5  invent7

Next the girls were given sheets of paper with multiple circles and told to create something out of each circle. We had many smiley faces, but there were also some really creative snowmen, suns, and aliens.

The girls finished the meeting by dividing into groups and brainstorming how they are going to create their own trash picker up utilizing items provided.  Stay tuned for a future blog to see how these turn out!!

Entertainment Technology – by Junior Cate S. and team.


Juniors in Troop 2214 learned about the Entertainment Technology badge in our books.  This was the first of the girl led badges for 2014-2015 and we are proud to kick off the tradition of girl led meetings, for this year! The badge was led by Cate S., Sarah C., and Sidona J.  At the beginning, during snack, the team did a little skit for the other girls. It taught the girls about Google and Apple and about how they evolved to fit to the modern world. Then we met Mr. Johnston so he could speak about special effects and video game inventing/technology. Then the Juniors did an elephant walk through the IHM church. The elephant ears where made of paper cups with slits cut in them.  The girls saw the difference of how loud the playground was, compared to the silence of the church. The girls also made a catapult and launched marshmallows into each others mouths.


To prepare, the team tried to figure out how to get the other girls to get the information about Google and Apple.  The team thought the other girls would like a skit and they would learn a lot.  For their speaker Sidona asked her dad to come and speak about special effects.  Earlier that year Sidona brought in some of the items from the laser and 3D printer.  For the elephant walk they went to talk to Father Don, to ask to have permission if they could walk through the church on Thursday, he told the team they could if they followed his rules, ” You have to be silent when you walk because if there is anyone in the church praying they could pray in peace, and you must bow in front of the tabernacle.  Do you understand girls?”  The team nodded.  For the catapult, one of the team member’s mothers bought marshmallows, popsicle  sticks, rubber bands and spoons.  The team had a great time planning and executing this meeting.
A great big “hug” to Mrs. Shirley, Mr. Johnston, and Father Don ( priest at Immaculate Heart Of Mary church.)
Good job team!

Daisies get creative to Respect Authority!


Recently, as part of the ‘Respect Authority’ petal, Daisies continued learning about the people in our community who have authority and how/why we should respect them. Through some brainstorming, the girls came up with different ways we can show respect to parents, teachers, friends AND ourselves.


For a future meeting the girls will be taking a field trip to receive a tour of the police station.  Here the girls are making ‘Thank You’ cards to show our respect and appreciation for our local police department, this way they are ready to present them when they take their field trip!


Brownies Make Games


Who doesn’t love games?!?! This is a really fun badge for Brownies.  The girls get a chance to learn that fun games don’t always require a computer, a deck of cards, or even a ball!  With a little imagination the possibilities are endless!

 At a recent meeting the girls had a ton of fun playing some new and old games. 

After having had a chance to experiment with a variety of games, they can were given the chance to become game masters by creating their very own board games.  They broke into small groups to work on this project.  They original board games will be presented at a future meeting.




Annual Family Camping trip – COOKING


And we continue on….today is COOKING!

As mentioned before, we jam pack our camping trip with fun patch and badge activity work. It’s an opportunity to spend several hours on something that we would otherwise be limited with in our regular meeting space. This includes all cooking type activities. We took the badge work requirements for the Brownie Snacks badge and the Junior Simple Meals badge to create our menu for the trip. All levels help out, so even if they aren’t earning a badge, per se, they are earning an equivalent patch. Working together, the girls made all the meals! They each took turns working through age-appropriate skills…such as knife safety (told ya there was a good reason we did it over and over again!)

Yummy meals included customized personal omelets made in a bag, yummy sandwich wraps stuffed with delicious fresh veggies, and a Mexican dinner feast complete with homemade borracho beans, guacamole and salsa. The girls each also made their own personalized trail mix, to take hiking, jammed packed with hi-energy, low-sugar tidbits like nuts, dried fruits, etc.





DSC_0020 DSC_0024




DSC_0219 DSC_0231