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Time to catch up – photos!!!

It’s been a crazy couple of months and boy-o-boy have we gotten WAY behind on posting.  So, rather than long winded writing we are just going to SHOW you how much fun we had the last several meetings of our troop year!

Girl lead (Juniors)-
Scribe Badge:  writing names in Hieroglyphics, piecing together stories and several other fun ways to learn about WRITING!

IMG_5721 IMG_5719 IMG_5718

Independence Badge: learning how to use basic tools, parts of a vehicle and how to fix something minor instead of calling a handy man!  INDEPENDENT girls can do it!!!


All-Day Daisy Journey: 3 Cheers for Animals, planned and lead by 3 Juniors working towards earning their Junior Aide bar. This was a day of learning about how to care about ourselves and animals! With a YUMMY birds nest snack!!

IMG_1911 IMG_1912 IMG_1924 IMG_1923 IMG_1918 IMG_1915 IMG_1913

Annual Mother(special people in our lives)-Daughter Tea, held the Saturday of Mother’s Day weekend and is always a highly attended event!  This year we even had a special DAD come along for fun!!


In between all that there is also a ton of this….

IMG_0304 IMG_0553 IMG_18571507568_10206105522223312_6916084350122471816_n

And, as shown by our Council, special thanks to these people!


Make sure to check out our sister troop’s blog for photos of some fun things we did together!!