Juniors All Day Journey – GET MOVING


In a two-year curriculum, our troop only works on one journey per year, not making it easy for a girl to earn her Summit Award, which requires completion of all three journeys in any given level. So, Like with the all-day Daisy and Brownie journeys written about in previous posts, our troop also spent a Saturday offering an all-day journey for our Juniors. We did Get Moving with the girls.

This journey offers Juniors a chance to earn three Girl Scout leadership awards—Energize, Investigate, and Innovate.

To earn the Energize Award, girls:
•Make an Energy Pledge to reduce their energy use in one or more ways
•Try at least two other Energize activities suggested along the journey
•Check out how other people are tackling energy issues

To earn the Investigate Award, girls connect with their Girl Scout crew to:
•Learn about energy use in their buildings
•Work with their families to make an energy improvement at home
•Investigate energy use in a community building and suggest ways to make it more energy-efficient

To earn the Innovate Award, girls:
•Identify an energy issue in the community, research it, create a plan, and carry it out, all the while reaching out to others to join in, too
•Share the news, reflect on what they accomplished, and celebrate it

In order to get all these activities into one day, the girls and leaders went on a couple of field trips, had a speaker come to them AND worked on group work and craft projects. It was a jammed pack day of fun!

The day started with a trop to the John McConnell Math & Science Center. At the Math and Science Center they learned about the different types of energy. The girls made turbines to use Wind energy to lift a bunch of pennies. One group was able to lift 92 pennies and it weighed 244.9 grams. They learned about kinetic, thermal, and other types of energy, too. Experiments included mixing yeast and hydrogen peroxide to make a thermal reaction that was warm, and baking soda and vinegar to make a cold solution. Also, they made “sound sandwiches” that were very loud, out of popsicle sticks and rubber bands.

JJourney JJourney5




JJourney6 JJourney9





After the Math & Science center they travelled to Cafe Sol for lunch. Here the girls saw first hand a business where they are very creative about how they used their resources. One of the ways they did this was by separating trash into compost, recyclables and trash. Owner, Nick Santos, said that the trash bill was cut by 30 percent and he felt good about not putting all of that into the landfill. They have a local farmer who collects compost from the restaurant twice a week.



JJourney13 JJourney17





What Goobers!

After lunch everyone returned to our regular meeting space at school to work on crafts and group work. Each of the girls decorated reusable shopping bags to share with their families and to replace the plastic ones the grocery stores provide.



Jjourney23 JJourney24




Discussion on the benefits of biking, carpooling and walking vs traditional driving to and from your destination. The girls talked about community bike sharing programs throughout the world and how those programs work. Additionally, everyone did an energy audit on our own homes and discussed ways to recognize energy wasted and lost and ways to save and conserve. They investigated to make our homes more energy efficient and methods to implement. The girls discussed “light pollution” and how that makes seeing stars at night much more difficult in the city. They discovered in the mountains it is much easier to see stars while camping where there is much less light pollution. 30 percent off outdoor energy is wasted and that can affect animals bugs and other wildlife.

Discussions continued with how small differences in savings can add up. The girls discovered that we as a whole Girl Scout Troop use almost 1,500 water bottles for meetings and events alone. That is a lot of water bottles, waste and money. Nick at Café Sol says that his distributors are indicating that recently people are shying away from using disposable bottles and looking for sustainable water bottle replacement ideas. The girls decided that we would implement bringing and using water bottles for future meetings.

Each girl took an energy pledge.





To conclude the journey Dave Davis from Ed Bozarth Chevrolet visited and talked about electric and hybrid cars. He also discussed the tax incentives for owning these types of vehicles. The girls were able to tour a Volt and learn about efficiency and the impact on their carbon imprint with this type of car.






Five Juniors earned Summit through the completion of this journey! Good job girls!!

FUN snack!!

SPECIAL thanks to the staff at the Math & Science Center, Nick Santos and his staff at Café Sol and Dave Davis at Ed Bozarth for assisting with the day!

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