Monthly Archives: January 2015

Daisies get creative to Respect Authority!


Recently, as part of the ‘Respect Authority’ petal, Daisies continued learning about the people in our community who have authority and how/why we should respect them. Through some brainstorming, the girls came up with different ways we can show respect to parents, teachers, friends AND ourselves.


For a future meeting the girls will be taking a field trip to receive a tour of the police station.  Here the girls are making ‘Thank You’ cards to show our respect and appreciation for our local police department, this way they are ready to present them when they take their field trip!


Brownies Make Games


Who doesn’t love games?!?! This is a really fun badge for Brownies.  The girls get a chance to learn that fun games don’t always require a computer, a deck of cards, or even a ball!  With a little imagination the possibilities are endless!

 At a recent meeting the girls had a ton of fun playing some new and old games. 

After having had a chance to experiment with a variety of games, they can were given the chance to become game masters by creating their very own board games.  They broke into small groups to work on this project.  They original board games will be presented at a future meeting.




Juniors craft with purpose


After a few weeks off for the holidays the Junior leadership decided something fun was in order to get the girls back into the groove of Girl Scouts.  A quick craft was just the ticket!


The girls made slip-proof socks.  They used puffy fabric paint, to paint cute designs on the bottom of plain white athletic socks.  When it dried, it mimicked the sticky dots on the bottom of slipper socks.  They then donated their socks to Mantey Heights Rehabilitation & Care Center, which is a local senior living facility.


This is Barb, she LOVED her socks!!

We leaders were joking around after the Juniors completed this project that a craft that is also a philanthropic endeavor should have a name.  We’ve dubbed it “Craftanthropy” .