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Daisies kick off with “traditions”


Daises are the youngest level in Girl Scouts. A Daisy troop is made up of girls in Kindergarten and First grade.  Because of their age, and often times nervousness, we usually start our troop year with some easy, fun activities.  In addition to SEEING it, because our troop is multi-level, we also like to build off Girl Scout traditions so the youngest girls quickly learn they are part of a VERY BIG WHOLE!

They learn the Girl Scout Promise and the Girl Scout Law, recited at the beginning of every meeting and participate in our Friendship Circle at the end of every meeting.  This allows them to share what they enjoyed about the meeting and listen to what the bigger girls enjoyed as well.

IMG_2351 IMG_2352

The girls are taught that everyone plays a part in the big picture.  We use a kaper chart of “helper” jobs.  This one is made with paper and magnets on an old cookie sheet (thank you, once again, Pinterest!!)


They also personalize a Sit-Upon (so they can SIT…UPON…the ground!) made out of inexpensive, white vinyl tablecloth and fun duct tape all stuffed with recycled grocery sacks!  Have to teach them right away to USE RESOURCES WISELY.  This is always a favorite craft.  1. because it is fun, colorful and can fill the time but 2. we ALWAYS, ALWAYS have at least one adult who tells us “I still have MY sit-upon from when I was a Girl Scout!”.  THIS is why we keep “traditions” alive!

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Investiture 2015


Investiture and Re-Dedication is a ceremony we do every year.  It is a time for us to get together with ALL our girls (from both troops) and celebrate the beginning of another troop year.  It is a time for older girls to share traditions with younger/new girls.




Our ceremony includes a promise and recitation by leaders, readings by girls and some “unity” symbolism using ribbon and rope, where we add pieces of ribbon to a rope, year over year, showing the girls they continue to be part of something BIGGER!

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Always a lovely ceremony!  Check out our sister blog to see our BIG girls at work being Sisters to Every Girl Scout!

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FIRST meeting of 2015-16!!!


Soooo…here we go!  We had our first meeting of the new year.  It went SUPER well and all the girls were amazing.  We’ve “officially” branched our Middle School sisters into a new troop.  Last year we had a new troop number for them, but they still met on the same day and time as this troop.  However, with Middle School schedules being what they are, especially with school sports, we were finding it more and more difficult to keep the girls active and participating after school on a week day so we’ve moved them to a different day and time.  You can follow them here to see what they were up to on their first SUPER FUN meeting of the troop year!

But, even with our 18 older sisters on a different day, our multi-level is still pretty huge, with 38 girls!  So, after some introductions of leaders, talking about troop rules and expectations and our opening of GS Promise, Law and Pledge of Allegiance we were off and running!  Each level goes off to work on age-appropriate activities.

Daisies started with a fun ice-breaker that doubled as a get-to-know-our-friends activity.  Each girl was given a set of single-colored beads (different color for each girl) on a pipe cleaner. They had to walk up to ALL their troop mates and introduce themselves.  When they did, they would give their “new” friend one of their beads and get a bead in return.  When they had talked with every girl, they had a bracelet with 16 colored beads!  Fun and the girls loved it.

Then the girls did a craft to help them learn the Girl Scout Promise (shown in photo above).  They traced and cut out their hands then glued it in the GS sign onto a piece of colored stock that also had the words to help them remember!  Very cute!

IMG_2305 IMG_2306 IMG_2307

Brownies started off with an icebreaker for the girls to get to know one another, and talked about being part of a Girl Scout sisterhood that stretches around the globe. The girls discussed the special Quest they will be going on together and the keys they will need to find to complete it. After reading chapter 1 of the Brownie Quest story, the girls broke into 3 groups for a team building activity to learn about working together. Leaders challenged the girls with a competition to see which team could build the tallest tower using only spaghetti and marshmallows. They were instantly engaged in this activity and quickly learned the value of teamwork 🙂


IMG_2315 IMG_2317 IMG_2318 IMG_2320 IMG_2322

We didn’t get any photos (darn) but our Juniors also did some icebreaker/get to know you activities to kick off the troop year.  Many of the girls commented, during our friendship circle at the end of meeting, that their favorite part of the meeting was when they had to guess who was who based on information given, anonymously, on slips of paper.  This is a great lesson in paying attention to our surroundings, and listening when our friends talk!

Off and running on another year of FRIENDSHIP!!!