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“Dancer” Badge

Special thanks to Theresa Kahl and the Absolute Dance Company for helping us earn this badge!

The afternoon started with a field trip to the dance company. The girls were introduced to some Hip Hop moves and learned and quick little hip-hop dance – and let me tell you our girls have some moves !

They also learned some leaping and turns. they lined up in groups and “leaped” across the studio. The music was upbeat and inspiring… we definitely have some talent in our troop!


We have officially begun another exciting year of Girl Scouts!

An investiture is the welcoming of new members, both girls and adults, into the Girl Scout family for the first time. Rededication is the opportunity for girls and adults to renew their commitment to the Girl Scout Promise and Law.

It was a sunny beautiful day so we held the ceremony outside. After the Pledge of Allegiance and the Girl Scout Promise and Law, each girl found a place around the circle to “tie” on their ribbon representing their commitment to Girl Scouts .

Our special guest was a Color Guard ceremony presenting the American Flag.

The Juniors recited the Girls Scout Law as the Brownies and Daisies tied on their ribbon to the circular rope of the Troop.

Finally, we took Troop pictures ! Look how cute the Brownies are !

“Making Friends” Badge

August 30, 2018
Welcome Brownies !
It was appropriate for our first meeting of the 2018-2019 year to earn our “Making Friends” badge. With a couple new faces and our 1st year brownies, our group is made up of 23 beautiful young ladies.
In planning for this badge, we thought what life skills can be learned and how can we make it fun. We separated into 2 groups and dove right in!
In one group, we learned the proper way to introduce ourselves, how important it is to make eye contact and remember and comment on a distinctive feature of each person you met to help remember them. Then, we sat in a circle and sang our introductory song using our first name and something we love that begins with the first letter of our name. What fun we had learning about each of our new friends!
In our other group, the girls were paired off and 1 Brownie per pair was given a Hershey bar. The challenge was to talk to you partner and decide between the two of them how to divide the bar, mimicking conflict resolution. It was fun to see how each of the girls came up with a different plan ( and only 1 contemplated if she really wanted to share it 😊) .
We came together as group and our art projects was Name Poems and A “I will be a good friend” contract. The girls got to visit and ask questions about another Brownies and use the ideas in their name poem.
The most enjoyable part of the meeting was seeing all the unique personalities and creativity shin thru as we begin our year-long journey.

Respect Myself & Others

Our Daisy Girl Scout Troop has been busy this winter earning petals (badges) for their vest! Over the past few weeks they earned the purple petal – respect myself & others.

Over a series of weeks we participated in a number of activities to learn all about respect. In our last session we had a special guest who helped us learn the proper way to wash our hands and then do a special activity where we learned the things our friends love about us.

Clean Hands – this is just one part of respecting myself and others. We talked about how this keeps us (and our friends) healthy and had a “hands on” lesson 😉

Here’s a quick video with the “how to”:

Have your daughter tell you the proper steps to hand washing!

Word Sharing – Sometimes we don’t know all the amazing things people think about us. This activity asked the girls to write something kind about each troop member.

At the end the leaders read aloud the comments and the girls picked their favorite kind word. The girls left empowered and feeling good about themselves!

We have such amazing young women in our Troop!

Responsible for What I Say & Do

This week Troop 2214 Daisies learned the importance of responsibility – and earned the Orange petal in our Daisy! 👏🏻

We love that we get to break our troop into three groups each week so the three leaders can get more individual time with each girl. This week the three groups were: creating a chore chart, chore charades, and a responsibility word game. The girls participated amazingly!

Chore Charts – the girls all made a hanging chore chart that shows what they are responsible for at home. We love a craft! 🖍✂️🖍

Chore Charades – We love to get our wiggles out so this was perfect. Our girls are quite the actors 😉

Word Game – this also allowed some wiggle release but we also had an opportunity to talk a lot about responsible words (thank you, I’m sorry) and actions (doing chores, doing homework)….and words (you’re not my friend) and actions (being mean) that are not responsible. It was great conversation. I am so proud of how thoughtful our amazing young leaders are!

The best part of being your daughter’s troop leader is when they take lessons or feedback and become better young women. That happened this week multiple times. Here’s one little Daisy at home the next day putting her chore chart to the test 😉

💚🍪💚 Cookie Sales From a Daisy Near You! 💚🍪💚

This is such an exciting time of year for our troop and our adorable little Daisies! One of the best parts of Girl Scouts is teaching our future leaders how to own their own business and support a cause that matters to them.

Prior to heading out to share our cookies, we taught the girls all about goal setting, counting money, and prepared for our booths by creating banners and signs.

We have our cookies – so find an adorable Daisy near you and get your favorites!

Daisies Count it Up

The Daisies worked on a practice cookie booth:  what to say, how to count money, and what we are selling.


They also worked on goal setting by making a goal flower garden–setting personal goals, troop goals, and what good we want to do with our money.


They also played a cookie memory game with some of our Juniors to help them learn about what Girl Scout Cookie are which!

I think they are ready for Cookie Season!

aMuse – Roles and Stereotypes

Our Juniors have started working on the aMuse Journey.  In this journey the girls will build confidence by trying  roles they choose for themselves by being creative, telling stories and inspiring others to try new roles, too.

At our last meeting each girl was given a banner with 7 pennants and had to decorate each flag with a single word/phrase to describe themselves.  They decorated them and shared with the group.  Then, they were told to hang them somewhere special to remind themselves of who they are…to be true to themselves always.


Today we worked on Roles and Stereotypes and how often times, fair or not, they influence each other.



The girls were given a variety of roles, printed on post its, to try on for themselves and assign to their troop mates.  We talked about why they each chose the roles they did for themselves and discussed why their troop mates might have chosen some of the other roles for them.  It was very interesting to hear how they each view themselves compared to how others view them.


Then we spent a really long time talking about stereotypes.  We did this by giving them each several “should” sentences and telling the girls they HAD to determine whether or not their “should” was for boys or for girls.  The ensuing OUTRAGE at being FORCED to pick when, CLEARLY, any and all can be for BOTH.  We then talked about how “traditional roles” have paved the way for the stereotypes of today.  The girls also got a lesson in how lucky they are to go to school and live where they do because there are, sadly, still places in our world where girls can’t even do that!


Great, fulfilling meeting!  Can’t wait to start telling our story and learning about amazing women in our community.