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World Thinking Day

We are so blessed to live in a community that celebrates World Thinking Day. Our girls had the opportunity to both teach & learn about many countries.

….but first…a group photo!

And a silly one too 🀣

Three of our ladies were selected to participate in the procession of flags. They did such a great job! 

Next, the Daisy Troop went through each country, presented by older girls. They received a treat, a lot of information, a stamp in their passport, and something special for their lanyard.

Our Brownie Troop was one of the groups presenting-we had France! πŸ‡«πŸ‡· they did such a great job being organized and sharing information so the younger groups could learn! We gave each girl lavender and some brioche! 

After the learning came lunch and entertainment! We had a front row view!

We loved the show!

​​What an amazing and special day for our girls!
A very BIG thank you to the Juniors in our Troop & their Leaders for all the work that went into the France presentation. I know you’ve committed to this for a number of years. πŸ‘πŸ» well done! YOU are changing the lives of young women!!! So proud to be part of this with you!

Using Resources Wisely

For the past two weeks we have focused on the Clover petal & “Using Resources Wisely”. It’s s much fun to watch the girls learn & share! 

Week One

We enjoyed the Clover story and then we were able to decorate and take home light switch covers. Each girl took her time to color a light switch. As we colored we talked about the resource of light. 

Our girls love a craft!

Week Two

The second week we learned about how to manage and accomplish goals even when ourreao races are limited.

 Each group was given two yard sticks and a number of balls that they had to get from one point to another. They were creative and such good team members!!

Our second activity was to create flowers from magazines. 

It took us a minute to figure out how to fold the paper but then created the most fashionable paper flowers ever!

Here’s to another amazing week of Daisy Grol Scouts!

Girl Scout Sunday

This is such a special day when we get to share our passion of Girl Scouts with our church community. This year was no difference! 

Here we are on the alter being recognized!

And of course we have to have a couple photos with Father….one that is silly always!!

Using Resources Wisely

As we prepared for cookie sales, we learned a lot about money and other resources! 

You may have seen adorable piggy banks come home. Our girls had a great time painting their pig.

We loved the way they turned out!

And we always love ending our week with our sister Girl Scouts.

A Friend to Every Girl Scout Fun

Being a good friend is such an important person hint to learn. In this week’s group we learned how to share (space and resources) and how to work together. Our first activity was creating a Colorado miral that included all the amazing things about CO!

Next we got to practice our interviewing, reading, writing, and presentation skills when we teamed up to interview our troop friends! 

Our daughters are such good friends! 

A Friend to Every Girl Scout

This is such a fun badge to earn and we got to earn it with our Brownie friends!

We started the first week learning about teamwork. This included working together with our Brownie friends….it’s always fun to play games! 

We learned how to feels to be left out and talked about how to include our friends. We also got to create and talk about why we are a good friend. 

Troop 2214 is full of good friends!