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Another in our Girl Led series of badgework is DETECTIVE.

Requirements for earning the Detective Junior Badge– Step 1: Practice the power of observation. Step 2: Communicate in code. Step 3: Fingerprint for fun. Step 4: Try out detective science. Step 5: Follow the clues to solve a real mystery.

This badge was led by three girls, Juniors A.H, O.S and E.Y.  In her own words, A.H tells us what they did!

For the detective group we did many activities including fingerprints, Morse code and a clue scavenger hunt.  We had a lot of fun while learning about detective work.

In the first group, we did fingerprints with flour and tape.



Next we all had to guess whose name was on the card written in Morse code.


In another group we hid clues around a room about a person and everyone had to guess who it was. For the very end we made mystery stories.


We learned many new things that day!




My Promise – My Faith: Courageous & Strong

faith1 faith2 faith3

The My Promise – My Faith pin is a Girl Scout Special Opportunity Award.  By earning this award, girls have explored how Girl Scouting and faith offer similar ideas about how to act and how Girl Scouts ties into all different faiths.  By choosing a different line of the Girl Scout Law each year, the award can be earned every year a girl is in Girl Scouts!

We have an annual all-troop (two troops as is the case now that our original troop became Cadettes!) sleepover.  Girls have to earn the privilege to attend this sleepover by showing they are capable of always living the Girl Scout Law, during troop meetings.  The girls earn stars for behavior and participation in our weekly meetings and all girls with a minimum number of earned stars are invited to the sleepover.

The sleepover is the best place to work on this pin, because we have a captive audience for an extended, uninterrupted period of time.  As the girls go to a religion-based school, this pin is a no-brainer for our troop. So, we have worked on My Promise – My Faith for the last 4 years during the sleepover and we always do our sleepover in a Church.  All our girls go to the same Catholic School but about 25% of them are not Catholic so, we have moved around from year-to-year to different churches in our town, so we are sure to, at least, hit the denomination of every girl in our troop.

There are 5 steps to completing this award.  The first is to choose a line from the Girl Scout Law, on which to focus.  This year we planned our entire evening’s events around being COURAGEOUS and STRONG.

When the girls arrived, they checked in at a table with a sign stating “The phrase DO NOT BE AFRAID is written in the Bible 365. That’s a daily reminder, from God, to live every day COURAGEOUS and STRONG!”, there they collected a keepsake button we had made with the phrase “Do Not Be Afraid” , with the year, that the girls could wear on their uniforms or pin on their school bags or anywhere they wanted DAILY reminding of what they learned while earning these pins.

photo 1q

The second step to earning the pin is to interview a woman of faith who can talk about how she tries to act in her life based on our chosen line of the Law.  We chose a non-Catholic teacher from the girls’ school.  Mrs. H is a shining example of a woman of faith.  She lives every day exemplifying her faith and is a great role-model for our girls, in and out of school.  She spent a little over a year as a missionary, with her family, in Liberia during the beginning of that country’s Civil War, prior to being emergency evacuated as the war started to turn extremely violent.  The home in which her family lived is literally a crater in the ground now, where bombs hit within days of Mrs. H and her family being evacuated.  She talked at great length and answered questions about how living her faith and believing it gave her COURAGE and STRENGTH helped her get through a very turbulent time (and continues to do so)!

Mrs. H teaches 5th grade so many of the girls have had her as a teacher and those who haven’t still know and love her.  She is extremely unassuming and you’d think a group of rowdy girls would eat her alive.  But, Mrs. H has a gracious personality and commands attention.  The leaders of younger girls were extremely impressed by her character, demeanor and the girls were all captivated and extremely attentive!  She is an amazing women and we are extremely fortunate to have such an inspiration working so closely with our girls!!


photo 2q



The third step is to find 3 inspirational quotes by women that fit with the chosen line of the Law.  We had fruitful discussion about each one and the girls could (if they chose) use the quotes on an art project they completed later in the evening. Below are the quotes we chose and some of the meanings the girls came up with:

“It takes a great deal of courage to stand up to your enemies, but even more to stand up to your friends.” – (Professor Dumbledore) aka J.K Rowling

  • Be who you are, no matter who you talk to
  • Stand up for yourself
  • Stand up for someone who can’t stand up for themselves even if you have to anger someone
  • Be honest

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” – Anais Nin

  • You can’t ever learn something new if you don’t take the first step
  • The outcome of doing something you are scared of can be amazing
  • What if you never tried ice cream?  How would you ever know it is the BEST food in the world!

“Courage is like a muscle, we strengthen it by use.” – Ruth Gordo

  • The more courage you have, the easier it gets
  • Baby steps lead to great things
  • Once you have courage to do something and you find you could, you can do it again and again


At this point we had been together for a couple of hours so figured we should probably feed them 🙂  Dinner time….Thumbs up for pizza!

photo 1a

After dinner we decided to put the girls to the test!  We wanted them to see how they COULD gather courage and strength to get through a series of activities.  So, we set up stations and had an evening of FEAR FACTOR (like the TV show)!!

Step one…sort into groups.  Sometimes it takes courage to try new things with NEW people, rather than always with our friends and staying in our comfort zone.


All stations had labels.  The name of each event was sometimes enough to have girls questioning their resolve! 🙂

One station was called WORM PIE.  Here we had plates of whipped cream for each girl.  Hidden within the pile was a gummy worm.  The girls had to find their worm WITHOUT using their hands or any utensils.  Not knowing the worm was candy and not real, all but one girl tried this!




photo 2s

SONY DSC photo 1s  photo 3

Another station was called CAN YOU GUESS.  Here we had several flavors of baby food.  We had taken the labels off the jars and the girls had to taste test all the flavors and guess what the flavors were.  We chose some easy foods, like applesauce and some baby food versions of the kids’ favorite foods, such as Mac-n-Cheese.  It was hilarious to see their faces and even better were the reactions when we gave them the answers afterwards and they realized every one of the pureed foods were foods they eat in its whole state!  All girls tried this event.  The girls with more than 50% guessed correctly won a yummy(er) treat!


photo 5

Ummmm….WHAT?!?!  Pretty sure we didn’t feed them THAT, but from these photos you’d think we did 🙂




PHEW….a smile…ish!!!

photo 4a

One station we had to set up outside so we wouldn’t make a mess on the nice carpet in the parish Friendship Room.  This one was called ROTTEN EGG CHALLENGE.  Girls had to crack an egg into their hands and carry it from a starting point to a bucket several yards away.  Once they deposited their egg they had to crack an egg into a teammate’s hand who then walked back the other direction.  Every girl tried this event.

IMG_9452 IMG_9453

The last event was called PIG GUTS KEY SEARCH.  This one got great reactions out of the girls.  First off, it stunk!  A leader had purchased a bunch of canned food items from the Dollar Store, such as Spaghetti-Os, applesauce, grape jelly, canned mushrooms and few other “gross” items.  Mix in some water and you get slop!  In the bucket we dropped 6 keys.  2 of the keys opened a pair of padlocks.  Each girl had to dig around for the correct key and when they opened the lock they dropped the keys back into the pig guts and handed the, now-relocked, padlock to the next girl in line.  They learned really quickly that if they pulled an incorrect key from the slop they shouldn’t put it back in (increasing their odds of finding the correct key sooner) and that both of the correct keys were interchangeable and would open either padlock so two girls could go at once!  All but one girl tried this event.  The one who flat-out refused was the youngest girl in her group and the older girls were REALLY sweet to her!!


IMG_1695   IMG_1706  photo 4sphoto 1IMG_9459


The fourth requirement to earning the pin is to make something to remember what they’ve learned.  We made collages on canvas with the words COURAGOUS and/or STRONG on them.  Using magazines, markers and modgepodge we got some really pretty artwork!  As mentioned above, the girls were given the 3 chosen quotes to copy if they wanted, as well.





Leaders add some modge-podge and VOILA!  Beautiful art to take home!

photo 1x


By this point, it is pretty late in the night….past usual bedtimes for our younger girls.  So, we usually wind down by watching a movie and having quiet time until they all crash.  Cookie season started the next day so we watched some GSUSA videos so the girls could get ideas on how to sell, sell, sell!

IMG_9474 IMG_9476

Now….GO TO SLEEEPPP!!!!!  🙂  Well, first it’s like herding cats, then it was bedtime.  But, bright and early again, it is breakfast time….which, of course, is not possible without these bright-eyed-at-6am-lovely-ladies!


A couple of years ago we started making homemade Belgium waffles, as each of the leaders had an iron.  So, it has become our tradition.  Add some bacon, fruit, yogurt, milk and breakfast is served.  YUMMY!!


IMG_9481 IMG_9480

After a quick game of “as soon as you round up all your things and pack them up we will put your name in a drawing for a fun prize” (you might call it bribery, we say PRETTY MUCH!!), we finished our event by discussing what we learned and making a commitment to live what we learned!  This is the last requirement for the pin.  So, in one activity packed evening a troop of over 40 girls can earn this award.


As you can imagine it is an exhausting time.  But…the memories and photos are all the incentive we leaders need (well…that and the fact that a year passes before we do it again!)  The best part of the evening, is the sisterhood!


photo 2x  photo 5e

photo 4


IMG_9502 IMG_9503


IMG_9507 IMG_9509


IMG_9510 IMG_9512

A few weeks after our event, the girls received their pins which were blessed by Father Jaochim during Mass. The whole troop was honored in front of their entire school and parish community.


For some more amazing photos, check out our older sisters on Troop 10065’s blog

SPECIAL thanks to Mrs. H, Fathers Don and Jaochim and all the staff at Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish.



Next in our series of Girl Lead badges was Musician.  Whether you’re already a musician or you just want to see what it’s like to make sounds on an instrument, there’s something for you in this badge.

This girl led team consisted of Juniors L.L, S.J and E.C.  The girls planned and executed the meeting by having a speaker, learning about national anthems from other countries and different instruments.

In the her own words, L.L explains how this all transpired –

“First our group had a speaker. Mrs. H. talked about her life in music and how she liked it. She told us about her job as a music teacher and that she kept teaching because of the students.  Then we listened to three different national anthems from different countries. We compared music from Italy, the United States, China, and Mexico.  Finally we watched You Tube videos on different instruments from around the world.  We learned about the Dundun from Africa, the Pipa from China, and the Array Mbira.

We asked Mrs. H. a couple of weeks before the presentation to come in to talk.  We asked her after school if the day and time would work.  We googled national anthems online and wrote down how they are the same and how they are different.  We then googled musical instruments from around the world and picked out instruments that would be fun to learn about.


music3 music4

We are VERY proud of all the girls for their diligence and creativity in planning these meetings.  We look forward to the rest of the year to see what some other groups turn out!


Thank you to Mrs. H. for agreeing to come speak to our girls!



Brownies have started working on the Inventor badge. They started badge work by inventing their own yogurt dip.  The girls were each given a scoop of yogurt which they then were able to add different spices and seasonings to create their own yogurt dip invention. The girls utilized many different spices, however the favorites were cinnamon, pumpkin and sugar.  Each yogurt dip was very different despite using similar ingredients.

invent1 invent2 invent3 invent5  invent7

Next the girls were given sheets of paper with multiple circles and told to create something out of each circle. We had many smiley faces, but there were also some really creative snowmen, suns, and aliens.

The girls finished the meeting by dividing into groups and brainstorming how they are going to create their own trash picker up utilizing items provided.  Stay tuned for a future blog to see how these turn out!!