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JUNIORS – Product Designer

Juniors in our troop plan and lead a badge each year.  Product Designer was lead by 5th grader M.H.  Below is her blog.

I chose Product Design because I would be able to design things.  There was more than that to it though.  I got to interview a product engineer from Traffix.  He taught me all about his job.  He has made a car impact cushion for semi-trucks on the highway so that cars don’t veer off the road and hit the trucks and so that they don’t hit people.  It’s already saved thousands of lives.  

Being a product designer is fun.  First of all you get to make stuff.  Second of all it takes a LONG time.  One group of engineers figures out what problems there are in the world.  How can we solve it?  When they decide on an idea they send it over to another group who analyzes it.  They see if it takes not much money and if it would work. Sometimes when they are in the middle of making it, they find a problem.  Then they have to start all over again.  
We started to design our own products in Girl Scouts.  My troop suster, C.A., made a book cover that has a handle, a light, and tissues!  I designed the perfect reading chair.  It had purple cushions, wheels, a couple of secret compartments and much more!  It was fun! I think it would be a good idea if there were a few more product engineers in the world!