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Juniors do an AGENT OF CHANGE Craft

Junior Journey Award Patch Set

The Agent of Change is the Junior’s “It’s Your World – Change It” journey.  This journey is filled with fun and friendship. The girls will move from a deeper understanding of themselves to exploring how powerful they are as a team, to realizing the added strength they gain by reaching out in the wider community to take action with its members. Agent of Change offers girls a chance to earn three awards and record progress throughout the journey in their own ”Award Tracker.”

  • To earn The Power of One Award, girls will discover all the ways their own strengths and powers help them create change in the world
  • To earn The Power of Team Award, girls will make a team decision and write their team hopes for a Take Action Project that reaches into a community network to solve a problem together with community members
  • To earn The Power of Community Award, girls take action on their plan, reach out, join others and get them involved, and start something that snowballs into a change in their world.


The girls had been hankering for a craft so it was decided a group activity of “friendship pins” would work out well.  Each girl made one pin for each of their troop sisters.  Their work as individuals was an example of how they are each “powerful” as ONE.  When an issue arose, most often with a bead’s opening being too small for the safety pin, the girls rallied together to dig through the dishes of beads to find beads that were more accommodating, illustrating how they are “powerful” as a TEAM.  When they had completed 12 pins each, each girl gave one pin to each of the other girls so every girl had 12 friendship pins they could hook together and wear on their uniforms.  This is a constant reminder that they are part of a Girl Scout Troop “community” and there is plenty of “power” in that!



Great job girls!