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Athletes Badge day for whole troop!


Kelsey from Divine Dance & Family Yoga came to our troop meeting recently to help our Brownies and Juniors earn their Athlete legacy badges and a FUN patch for the Daisies. She was able to give the girls a few “rules” in performing yoga and some practice tips to working on it independently. She talked about the differences between strength and endurance and gave the girls poses for each. The girls had some fun with a buddy when they worked together on yoga poses that can be performed with two people. For girls having challenges with not being able to do a pose, she even showed us modifications and ways to work up to being able to perform the whole thing.

Additionally, for our girl with a few special needs, Kelsey worked with her on partner poses and poses she could do so she was a part of the group with everyone else! Besides being a nice, sisterly thing to do, we very much appreciate Kelsey doing this because it also helped illustrate to the girls how sports and disabilities aren’t always independent of each other. After yoga, the Brownies talked a little more about this and read some stories to continue to solidify this concept!

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For follow up and to conclude PRACTICE WITH PURPOSE, the Juniors will be using the first few minutes for the remainder of this troop year to work on the pose they want to be able to perform. During this time, we will discuss challenges to staying motivated and the practice tips that were given by Kelsey.

To complete FAIR PLAY, the Brownies also took a field trip to a CMU Woman’s Lacrosse game.



THANK YOU Kelsey for your time and motivation!!! The girls had a blast.