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GS Ways and “Tradition”


This week we alotted time for the troop to work on some Girl Scout Way activities. In modern Girl Scouts this is a called a “legacy” badge. Looking back in some of our own Brownie handbooks, from years WAY passed, the requirements for this badge have been pretty much the same since the dawn of time 🙂 The Girl Scout Way badge shows the girls how they are part of a rich history, filled with many “traditions”. So, two levels worked through some of those this week.


“I’ve got something in my pocket,
it belongs across my face.
I keep it very close at hand,
in a most convenient place.
I’m sure you couldn’t guess it,
if you guessed a long, long while.
So, I’ll take it out and put it on
it’s a great big Brownie Smile!”


Our Brownie troop learned about Girl Scout history, such as the hand shake and some songs from old handbooks. Mom, Mrs. A, took time to show the handbooks, hand shake, teaching some of the old scouting songs we all know and love, and telling a little bit about her time as a Brownie. Especially cool was that she let each Brownie try on her old Brownie uniform! The girls all thought it was really cute! Seeing that uniform was a walk down memory lane for some of us leaders. Girls today are missing out on rocking a brown beanie, brown knee high socks with orange tassled sock-stays and a RAD orange tie!!! 🙂

GSWayBrig GSWayCait

GSWayEllie GSWayKacey

GSWayKendyll GSWayMaya


GSWayMeg GSWayMegan

GSWayShy GSWaySofia

Keeping with Girl Scout “tradition”, our Daisies worked on sit-upons. Basically, this is a cushioned square the girls can SIT UPON (imagine that!) on the ground. When we were growing up we used this as an activity to learn to sew or as an around-the-campfire activity, for example. More often than not they were sheets of plastic, like a shower curtain, wrapped around the “Sunday Times”/newspaper. It was more comfortable and cleaner than sitting on the ground, but that newspaper sure got heavy if it happened to get wet! In the past, we have done these with our older girls and have brought in sewing machines. However, with Daisies this is a little difficult so we did a really easy version with vinyl squares, cut from cheap tablecloth, and SUPER FUN duct tape! We lived the Girl Scout law by USEing RESOURCES WISELY, and stuffed them with old plastic grocery sacks. These are squishy, comfy, light-weight and water proof!


SitBrae SitIreland


SitRiley SitSabrina


“Make new friends
But keep the old
One is Silver
and the other Gold”

We’d like to welcome 2 new girls to our troop!

GSWayChar SitElla