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Why we have FULL UNIFORM events


In addition to being super cute, it is really important that we always represent ourselves in the best possible ways.  That being said, there are several times during our troop year where we require girls to be in “full uniform”.  For us, that is their vest/tunic/sash with, at a minimum, a white shirt and khaki bottoms.  The girls go to private school, where uniforms are required, so it isn’t usually a BIG ask to have them wear their Girl Scout uniforms on special occasion; most commonly, for us, are ceremonies and award presentations.

Additionally, we take troop photos…for this blog as well as for our official Thank You cards and the uniformity is always really nice!

How beautiful are these girls?!?!

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But….THESE are definitely who we know and LOVE, love, LOVE!!

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DAISIES – Responsible for What I Say and Do (Orange Petal)

Daisies worked towards the ORANGE – Responsible for What I Say and Do, petal.

The girls did some charades showing them being responsible. Each girl picked a slip of paper with a “chore” they had to act out and see if the other girls could guess which responsible activity they were acting.

Then, we did a little excercise by responding with a jump for hearing something that makes them happy and a sit-down when they heard something that made them feel hurt. Leaders would say something like, “I love you” or “Why’d you wear that?” and see if they understood whether or not the words (what they say) were nice or mean.

Then we made chore charts to keep at home…which all turned out SUPER cute! Each girl got to fill in 4 chores they work on at home. Chores included, clean my room, put away dishes, feed the dog, etc. A smaller version was sent home as homework so they could bring them back and show the leaders that they followed through on their action item to be RESPONSIBLE at home for the week.

Mari2 Mari3


Mari4 Mari5

We’d like to call out Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys because their website is SOOOO comprehensive and helpful to Girl Scout Leaders! We use it as a resource for so much of what we do!