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Daisies get creative to Respect Authority!


Recently, as part of the ‘Respect Authority’ petal, Daisies continued learning about the people in our community who have authority and how/why we should respect them. Through some brainstorming, the girls came up with different ways we can show respect to parents, teachers, friends AND ourselves.


For a future meeting the girls will be taking a field trip to receive a tour of the police station.  Here the girls are making ‘Thank You’ cards to show our respect and appreciation for our local police department, this way they are ready to present them when they take their field trip!


Brownies Make Games


Who doesn’t love games?!?! This is a really fun badge for Brownies.  The girls get a chance to learn that fun games don’t always require a computer, a deck of cards, or even a ball!  With a little imagination the possibilities are endless!

 At a recent meeting the girls had a ton of fun playing some new and old games. 

After having had a chance to experiment with a variety of games, they can were given the chance to become game masters by creating their very own board games.  They broke into small groups to work on this project.  They original board games will be presented at a future meeting.




Annual Family Camping trip – COOKING


And we continue on….today is COOKING!

As mentioned before, we jam pack our camping trip with fun patch and badge activity work. It’s an opportunity to spend several hours on something that we would otherwise be limited with in our regular meeting space. This includes all cooking type activities. We took the badge work requirements for the Brownie Snacks badge and the Junior Simple Meals badge to create our menu for the trip. All levels help out, so even if they aren’t earning a badge, per se, they are earning an equivalent patch. Working together, the girls made all the meals! They each took turns working through age-appropriate skills…such as knife safety (told ya there was a good reason we did it over and over again!)

Yummy meals included customized personal omelets made in a bag, yummy sandwich wraps stuffed with delicious fresh veggies, and a Mexican dinner feast complete with homemade borracho beans, guacamole and salsa. The girls each also made their own personalized trail mix, to take hiking, jammed packed with hi-energy, low-sugar tidbits like nuts, dried fruits, etc.





DSC_0020 DSC_0024




DSC_0219 DSC_0231


Juniors – Playing the Past

The final in our series of “girl lead” badgework for Juniors is Playing the Past. Through Playing the Past girls get to Dream up a character for themselves as a girl or woman who lived in another time period. You could be a poodle skirt-wearing Girl Scout from the 1950s, a Wild West cowgirl, a medieval duchess or maybe a Japanese princess from long ago. They could choose to be someone who really existed or a historical woman from imagination.

Three girls and one leader led this group. To prepare, they had a meeting and the girls decided they were going to be pilgrims and native Americans. They then ssigned tasks which were to be finding out info on what it was like to be a native American and pilgrim and finding games of the time.

During the meeting one girl pretended to be interviewing a tribal elder and a Pilgrim leader. The mock question-answer session was filled with information that helped the rest of the troop learn more about girls in these two time periods.

Additionally, there were two games played, one from each time period. The girls really enjoyed throwing themselves into a non-electronic age game….it was silly!

PlayPast1 (1)

PlayPast1 (2)

PlayPast1 (3)

PlayPast1 (4)

PlayPast1 (5)

Juniors – Geocacher


Geocaching is a chance to be part global explorer, part detective. Through this activity girls search for treasure chests called “geocaches” using a GPS receiver that helps find each chest’s secret hiding place. They then add a trade item (or as girl scouts might call them a swap) to the cache to indicate they had been there. Did you know there are over 1million hidden geocaches all over the world!

Continuing with our “girl-lead” meetings, two girls with supervision by one leader, worked on the Geocacher badge.

The steps to achieving this badge are:
1. Prepare for your adventure – the goal of a geocaching adventure is to find a hidden treasure box. Using a GPS receiver, girls can uncover treasures most people do not know exist!
2. Learn to use a GPS receiver – in order to find their way to a hidden treasure, girls needed to zero in on coordinates of longitude and latitude.
3. Make a trade item – every cacher needs to carry an item they will leave at the site. This item should be small enough to fit inside the box and should not be expensive.
4. Go on a geocaching adventure – start by logging onto a geocaching website
5. Take part in a bug’s travels – A Travel Bug travels from cache to cache. This is a tag with a code that can be tracked through

Step number one of this adventure, during the planning phase, is to get EXPERT information. Thankfully, one of our local radio station DJs, Mackenzie Dodge (Mack) from KEKB is an avid geocacher and was willing to help us out! Mack helped the girls by setting up temporary caches in a local park, showed them how to work with their GPS units, how to read information on her laptop and helped them find all caches. She even brought them each a trade item to drop in and pick out of the caches.

Our two Junior leaders made rainbow loom bracelets as the troop’s trade items, in compliance with step number 3. Through research, in order to complete the last step, the girls decided to follow their bug to beaches around the world! Pretty cool as we live in a land locked state!






FUN FACTS – A traditional cache is usually a small waterproof container with a logbook inside but sometimes there are multi-caches were two or more locations are involved, like a scavenger hunt! The final location is where the actual physical container rests! Also, there are things called Mystery of Puzzle caches were a puzzle must be solved before even knowing the coordinates.


A VERY SPECIAL thanks to Mack for ALL her help and guidance on this badge!!!

BROWNIES – Home Scientist


The girls had a lot of fun with the Home Scientist badge. We invited two CMU scholars from the John McConnell Math and Science Center to join us and walk us through the five steps to earn this badge. Amazing, but we completed them all thanks to their help!

First, we started off with the kitchen chemist step by trying to make rock candy. We probably put way too much sugar on the table and our pipe cleaner, so there wasn’t much left for the water… which means this experiment didn’t really pan out the way it was supposed to.

Second, we moved on to discovering density by watching raisins dance in carbonated soda. The girls were fascinated to see that and then compare it to how raisins behaved in regular water.


Third, we got to make our own homemade silly putty as a way to play with science. The girls were great at following directions on how to make the mixture and they really enjoyed getting their fingers into the gooey mixture at the end!


Fourth, we created static electricity with balloons and watched how we were able to control ping pong balls. That wasn’t nearly as funny as seeing our hair stick up on end! And, the Math and Science Center brought in a static electricity contraption for us to play with as well. We learned about grounding and how to shock our friends!

Last, we made film canister rockets! It was a blast watching the girls quickly try to put the lid on the canister, turn it over, and back up. They loved learning why the canister popped up into the air and watching it happen! (and watching all the water shoot out over our cafeteria floor) We cleaned it up and did it a second time!

Overall, this was the most fun and full meeting of the year. The girls really enjoyed the fun aspect of science and the CMU scholars were great about incorporating the teaching and discussion into every experiment.
Science is cool

Athletes Badge day for whole troop!


Kelsey from Divine Dance & Family Yoga came to our troop meeting recently to help our Brownies and Juniors earn their Athlete legacy badges and a FUN patch for the Daisies. She was able to give the girls a few “rules” in performing yoga and some practice tips to working on it independently. She talked about the differences between strength and endurance and gave the girls poses for each. The girls had some fun with a buddy when they worked together on yoga poses that can be performed with two people. For girls having challenges with not being able to do a pose, she even showed us modifications and ways to work up to being able to perform the whole thing.

Additionally, for our girl with a few special needs, Kelsey worked with her on partner poses and poses she could do so she was a part of the group with everyone else! Besides being a nice, sisterly thing to do, we very much appreciate Kelsey doing this because it also helped illustrate to the girls how sports and disabilities aren’t always independent of each other. After yoga, the Brownies talked a little more about this and read some stories to continue to solidify this concept!

yoga7 yoga8




For follow up and to conclude PRACTICE WITH PURPOSE, the Juniors will be using the first few minutes for the remainder of this troop year to work on the pose they want to be able to perform. During this time, we will discuss challenges to staying motivated and the practice tips that were given by Kelsey.

To complete FAIR PLAY, the Brownies also took a field trip to a CMU Woman’s Lacrosse game.



THANK YOU Kelsey for your time and motivation!!! The girls had a blast.