Using Resources Wisely

For the past two weeks we have focused on the Clover petal & “Using Resources Wisely”. It’s s much fun to watch the girls learn & share! 

Week One

We enjoyed the Clover story and then we were able to decorate and take home light switch covers. Each girl took her time to color a light switch. As we colored we talked about the resource of light. 

Our girls love a craft!

Week Two

The second week we learned about how to manage and accomplish goals even when ourreao races are limited.

 Each group was given two yard sticks and a number of balls that they had to get from one point to another. They were creative and such good team members!!

Our second activity was to create flowers from magazines. 

It took us a minute to figure out how to fold the paper but then created the most fashionable paper flowers ever!

Here’s to another amazing week of Daisy Grol Scouts!

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