Daisies kick off with “traditions”


Daises are the youngest level in Girl Scouts. A Daisy troop is made up of girls in Kindergarten and First grade.  Because of their age, and often times nervousness, we usually start our troop year with some easy, fun activities.  In addition to SEEING it, because our troop is multi-level, we also like to build off Girl Scout traditions so the youngest girls quickly learn they are part of a VERY BIG WHOLE!

They learn the Girl Scout Promise and the Girl Scout Law, recited at the beginning of every meeting and participate in our Friendship Circle at the end of every meeting.  This allows them to share what they enjoyed about the meeting and listen to what the bigger girls enjoyed as well.

IMG_2351 IMG_2352

The girls are taught that everyone plays a part in the big picture.  We use a kaper chart of “helper” jobs.  This one is made with paper and magnets on an old cookie sheet (thank you, once again, Pinterest!!)


They also personalize a Sit-Upon (so they can SIT…UPON…the ground!) made out of inexpensive, white vinyl tablecloth and fun duct tape all stuffed with recycled grocery sacks!  Have to teach them right away to USE RESOURCES WISELY.  This is always a favorite craft.  1. because it is fun, colorful and can fill the time but 2. we ALWAYS, ALWAYS have at least one adult who tells us “I still have MY sit-upon from when I was a Girl Scout!”.  THIS is why we keep “traditions” alive!

IMG_2353 IMG_2354

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