2014-2015 Officially Begins!!

Day 1

Another year is upon us and we have started off with a bang. Our total number of girls this year is 43, which is 2 more than we have been at our largest. Yes, we are insane…but at the same time, what better opportunity do we have to positively shape young girls…future leaders of tomorrow?!?!! 🙂

We are still sticking to our same schedule of doing 15-20 minutes of Self Esteem programming, with a focus on positive body image and being proud to be a girl! We are working through every girl, in age appropriate ways. This year we are working through Free Being Me, which is a program created in partnership with WAGGS (World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts) and Dove. We are really excited to take on this endeavor this year.

Technically we are two troops this year (are you following our sister troop’s blog ?) because our Cadettes will likely move to a different day and time in the future to accommodate their crazy hectic Middle School schedules. But, for now we still meet as one large group and work in four troop level activities each week.

So…highlighted this week, are our Daisies!
photo 8 photo 9

photo 7 photo 6

The girls have jumped right in to their Daisy Flower Garden journey and they spent some time practicing the Girl Scout Promise. We also went over the Girl Scout Law, line by line, and let the girls come up with examples of what it means to be ‘Honest and Fair’, ‘Courageous and Strong’, and ‘Considerate and Caring’. The girls also came up with several ways we can ‘Make the World A Better Place’. We had the girls choose a favorite line of the Girl Scout Law, and use it for inspiration during our craft time. Each girl was then given a flower pot to decorate with whatever words or pictures they wanted. We ended up with 13 beautiful pots which will be part of a future planting project.

photo 2 photo 3

photo 4 photo 5
They also decorated reusable drink cups to use during snack time. We are using our resources wisely and making sure we leave the world a better place by not creating unnecessary trash!

It’s gonna be a SUPER FUN year!!!

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