Juniors – Playing the Past

The final in our series of “girl lead” badgework for Juniors is Playing the Past. Through Playing the Past girls get to Dream up a character for themselves as a girl or woman who lived in another time period. You could be a poodle skirt-wearing Girl Scout from the 1950s, a Wild West cowgirl, a medieval duchess or maybe a Japanese princess from long ago. They could choose to be someone who really existed or a historical woman from imagination.

Three girls and one leader led this group. To prepare, they had a meeting and the girls decided they were going to be pilgrims and native Americans. They then ssigned tasks which were to be finding out info on what it was like to be a native American and pilgrim and finding games of the time.

During the meeting one girl pretended to be interviewing a tribal elder and a Pilgrim leader. The mock question-answer session was filled with information that helped the rest of the troop learn more about girls in these two time periods.

Additionally, there were two games played, one from each time period. The girls really enjoyed throwing themselves into a non-electronic age game….it was silly!

PlayPast1 (1)

PlayPast1 (2)

PlayPast1 (3)

PlayPast1 (4)

PlayPast1 (5)

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