BROWNIES – Home Scientist


The girls had a lot of fun with the Home Scientist badge. We invited two CMU scholars from the John McConnell Math and Science Center to join us and walk us through the five steps to earn this badge. Amazing, but we completed them all thanks to their help!

First, we started off with the kitchen chemist step by trying to make rock candy. We probably put way too much sugar on the table and our pipe cleaner, so there wasn’t much left for the water… which means this experiment didn’t really pan out the way it was supposed to.

Second, we moved on to discovering density by watching raisins dance in carbonated soda. The girls were fascinated to see that and then compare it to how raisins behaved in regular water.


Third, we got to make our own homemade silly putty as a way to play with science. The girls were great at following directions on how to make the mixture and they really enjoyed getting their fingers into the gooey mixture at the end!


Fourth, we created static electricity with balloons and watched how we were able to control ping pong balls. That wasn’t nearly as funny as seeing our hair stick up on end! And, the Math and Science Center brought in a static electricity contraption for us to play with as well. We learned about grounding and how to shock our friends!

Last, we made film canister rockets! It was a blast watching the girls quickly try to put the lid on the canister, turn it over, and back up. They loved learning why the canister popped up into the air and watching it happen! (and watching all the water shoot out over our cafeteria floor) We cleaned it up and did it a second time!

Overall, this was the most fun and full meeting of the year. The girls really enjoyed the fun aspect of science and the CMU scholars were great about incorporating the teaching and discussion into every experiment.
Science is cool

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