JUNIORS – Animal Habitats


Next in our series of Girl Lead meetings was ANIMAL HABITATS. This was organized and presented by a group of three girls, over the course of 2 weeks.

For the animal habitat badge the girls had James Kahout with Canine Manners give a presentation. The girls did a great job with the introduction and talking about service dogs. Here is a summary of their script:

James is the owner of Canine Manners here in town. He is from Clarence, New York. He went to Animal Behavior College and then to National K9 School for dog trainers for obedience, police K9, service dog, personal protection, tracking, soft mouth retrieval, puppy development, and behavior modification.

James has trained over 4,000 dogs in three different states. He has worked with many different breeds and types of dogs. He will tell us some great stories, show us several scars from aggressive dogs, and explain why it is important to create a specific animal habitat for each type of training.

James was recently involved in the ‘Dutch’ Case, which was the city of Montrose vs. Jeremiah Aguilar. He was brought on as an expert witness and won the case!

James motto is ‘training humans one dog at a time’.

He uses all styles of training to get the best result out of each dog……

James did a demonstration with the service dog Zoey and answered ALL the questions the girls and parents asked. Everything from breeds of dogs, training, types of service dogs, ect. We even had a few teachers that stayed and watched.

At the end the girls handed out a summary about service dogs.









The second meeting , we had an educator from Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Her name was Trina Romero. Trina explained how different kinds of animals need different habitats. She also talked about how to protect the environment by using less water for showers, make less pollution by riding a bike for example, you can grow your own food and feed animals with feeders (like birds). Trina did a group activity where we were broken into groups of FOOD, SHELTER, WATER and SPACE. We then balanced on each other in a circle. She would call out one group, such as WATER, and everyone in that group needed to walk out of the circle. When we did this, the circle fell apart illustrating that without just ONE of these important things, an animal’s habitat is incomplete and not safe.



Thank you James and Trina!!! Good job Girls!

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