JUNIORS – Drawing

Juniors worked on their Drawing badge, during the third in our series of Girl Lead meetings. And in the spirit of “Girl Lead”, this blog post was submitted by one of the three Juniors who lead this badge work.

Our Drawing Badge was separated into two different meetings. The first part we went to the Art Center and did an art project with Mrs. Rachel. We learned about shading, medium, and perspective, and saw some really neat art work that inspired us.



draw3 draw4










And the second part was lead by C. (me) , A., and L. We broke into three groups and each taught the girls something. I had them each draw a new cover for their favorite book or music album, they could also draw a cover for a book they are writing or an album that they are going to eventually make. A. taught them how to draw the Bronco’s logo. L. taught them how to draw a cartoon ant.






We concluded our Drawing Badge by having an art show with the Brownies and Daisies as our audience.

“The girls are so creative and fun. I enjoyed learning new things as well. I had such a great time being a teacher. The girls are all so polite and patient . I got to know each and every one of them better. I can tell they read very often. All of them are little artists inside.” – Junior, C.

Good jobs done, all around, on the Girl Lead series. We are all looking forward to all the badgework coming up!

Thanks, also, to Mrs. Rachel at The Art Center – Western Colorado Center for the Arts.

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