JUNIORS – Product Designer

The second in our series of Girl Lead badgework was the Junior – Product Designer badge. This badge was coordinated by a team of three girls with one leader for supervision and guidance. This badge was fairly technical and took 2 meetings to complete.

To introduce the badge, the Juniors participated in a blind taste test of name brand and generic orange juice to determine if paying for the label is worth it. In the case of our orange juice, majority voted the name brand tasted better than the generic brand and paying extra for the product with the name brand label was worth it!!

Juniors also welcomed a guest speaker. A dad from our school, M. Mayer, came to talk about the process of product development. He helped the girls define what a product is and then illustrated how the development of new products often arises from someone wanting to make a task easier, faster or cheaper than the current way it is being performed.


On the second meeting, the Juniors became product designers! Water bottles were the product chosen to evaluate since the girls use them every day at school. In this meeting, the Juniors, led by the three member team of girl “leaders”, critiqued different styles, sizes and materials of water bottles and determined what features were good and which ones were less desirable. Each girl utilized a ranking scale to vote for their favorite to least favorite water bottle on display. They then brainstormed ways to make the bottles better.

To conclude the meeting, we had an Invention Fair, where each small group had an opportunity to create their own invention (or improve on an already existing product) and presented a short commercial to the group about their product.


The Juniors learned that the sky is the limit when it comes to products that make our lives easier!

SPECIAL thanks to Matt Mayer for his time and expertise!

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