COOKIE Media Stars


This morning a few of our troop’s Cookie Media Stars took to the air and were guests on the KREX Morning Show. They spent a couple of minutes talking to Cori Coffin, about the much loved Girl Scout cookies and a little about the starting of Booth Sales in Colorado. Our troop will have booths in several locations over the coming weeks.

This weekend is also National Girl Scout Weekend. Nationwide girls, leaders, volunteers, troops have been encouraged to set up parities/celebrations to get the conversation going about the lifelong skills learned through the Girl Scout Cookie Program. Did you know that selling cookies is the largest GIRL RUN business in the WORLD?!?!

After their few minutes of fame, the girls got to tour the booth and see some of the directors and producers on the job.


A 6:15am interview comes pretty early in the morning! SO….what better to do with the extra hour BEFORE school? HAVE A BIG BREAKFAST!

GREAT JOB girls!!

You can view the video here:


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