Daisies have some fun with beads!


This last week we had a “free” meeting, meaning there was no petal or Journey work planned on our calendar. We like to keep a few dates “open” when we make our master calendar, in case something comes up…a meeting takes longer than anticipated, we miss a meeting because of a snow-day, etc. But, if we get to the date and didn’t need to use it for anything else we just have a FUN PATCH activity day. So, we did just that by working on a bead craft. The girls all made a bead bracelet, not only is it something pretty for them to wear but it also has meaning. Each column of beads corresponds to a petal on their uniform, and each is a color to symbolize a line in the Girl Scout Law! A great way to learn/remember! The pretty daisy in the middle…well, that’s pretty self explanatory πŸ™‚






Also, we had a visit from “Flat Juliette” (like Flat Stanley, if you are familiar) from a Daisy Troop in Las Cruces, New Mexico. So, we learned a little about their state and answered their questionnaire. We also took a photo of our girls with “Juliette” before sending her on her way to her next destination.

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