Managing money and SHOPPING!


Our most recent troop meeting had all three levels working towards their financial literacy badges. Daisies spent the meeting learning to recognize, count and remember denominations of money while the Junior and Brownie levels both went on seperate field trips.

Brownies went to one of our local Walgreens locations to continue learning about how to budget and what things cost on their lists. They shopped for school supplies and grocery-type items. The girls were pretty good about shopping for deals and looking for cheaper items! They really wanted to make the most of their budgets.

Juniors went to one of our local City Market locations (all photos are from this trip), where a manager from the store talked to them about marketing and product layout. They discussed how good displays attract shoppers’ attention. They looked for slogans and watched how customers pick out items. When they got around to the bakery they even got a fresh baked treat!







BIG THANKS to Walgreens and City Market for hosting us and having such nice, approachable staff while we wondered the stores!!

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