Daisies earn Light Green Petal – Considerate and Caring


Before the Holiday break our girls started working towards their Light Green Petal. This petal symbolizes being Considerate and Caring. We started the petal by creating Christmas cards for all 78 residents of Mantey Heights Rehabilitation and Care Center, which we were informed were hand delivered on Christmas Day. To complete the petal, we took a visit to Mantey Heights. It was a lovely field trip with a few surprises.


When we arrived at Mantey Heights, we were escorted to the dining room where about 10 ladies were sitting around a long table. Each had an open chair next to them and our girls were asked to sit. Each girl was given a fancy hat to wear, made by the ladies, for an impromptu tea (well…punch and cookies) party. The girls were also given a small goodie bag. After chatting and showing amazing social etiquette, considering they are 5-7yrs old…our girls recited the GS Promise and Law and it was really fun to see the smiles on the ladies’ faces when some of them recognized (some) of the Promise….eventhough it has changed since they were all young girls.

Mantey3 Mantey4

Mantey9 Mantey10

Mantey11 Mantey8

We were then treated to a tour of the facility and ventured into one residence room to see how “homey” some of the clients make their space with photos and art work. We got to see the pets of the place, including a blind bunny named Sheldon. The girls all got to pet, Sheldon.




It is amazing how much young people can make the elderly smile and we are really glad we got to give that to them today.

Special thanks to Ruth for giving us the tour and the ladies with whom we were able to share company….it was very CONSIDERATE AND CARING of you! 🙂

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