Juniors earn AMUSE


The girls wrapped up their Amuse Journey at our last meeting of the year. This is a Journey that they have worked on diligently since the first few meeting this school year. They spent 10 meetings talking about “Speaking Out” and “Reaching Out” to try on new roles in life and to recognize stereotypes and how to combat them. They had a “Try Out” portion of the badge work where they talked about roles and what they thought might be a good fit for them, like being a veterinarian, the President, a business owner, a volunteer with the community, a pop star, a mom, a wife, a sister, a teacher. And how they will likely balance many different roles in their lives and already balance so many at their young ages.

We concluded our Journey with a special speaker. Toni Milyard invited the girls to Re/Max 4000 and talked to them a little about stereotypes that she has overcome. How she went from viewing herself as a “farm girl”, to building a thriving business in our community and balancing heath, spirituality and all the other roles that so many of us juggle on a daily basis. She was insightful and honest and really captured the girls’ attention. They asked thoughtful questions and really helped lead the meeting. Which is a great segue to our next set of “Girl Lead” meetings!




This Award, which they received at that filed trip, was a big deal and we are very proud of their hard work.


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