Parade of Lights


Saturday was our town’s annual Parade of Lights. The Parade is a pretty big deal here and the streets are always lined with onlookers even when the weather is cold. And…this year, boy-o-boy was it COLD!!! Even with temps in the single digits and a wind chill something more ridiculous than that, we also had a good turn out of girls (thanks to parents willing to drop off their daughters) bearing the weather for the parade.




paradelights3 paradelights5


Thankfully we learned after last year that you MUST turn in your registration as early as possible to not have to wait for hours, towards the end of the parade route, for your turn up Main Street. We drew the #12 spot and got in and out really quickly.

The theme this year was Holiday Wishes…so we opted for a float of GIGANTIC Girl Scout Cookie boxes because don’t you just WISH you had some right now 🙂


Luckily cookie season is just around the corner!

One of our troop dads, Dave P. (shown in first photo next to his handy work!) does the construction of our float. He does a super great job, even including benches for the girlies to sit on! His wife, co-leader Heidi, was responsible for organizing our troop for this event this year, and with the crummy weather and a few other logistical challenges/changes, still pulled through with flying colors. Troop 2214 is very thankful to have support like this!


Special thanks to our council for allowing us the use of EVERY cookie costume they have! It helped our float be more festive to have Girl Scout cookies handing out treats to kids watching the parade!

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