Juniors take a trip to St. Mary’s


Recently, our Junior girls got to take a really cool field trip to the St. Mary’s helipad. One of the medivac nurses is a personal friend of one of our troop leaders so was able to give a personalized tour of the facility.


heli12 heli11

heli10 heli9

heli8 heli7

heli3 heli4

heli5 heli6



We were lucky that the helicopter was there even though it was on standby to go out. Each girl got to sit in the helicopter and we went out on the helicopter pad as well.



The flight nurses were great talking about different situations. And we saw the equipment they used with the little babies.

We then went down to the NICU and one of the Neonatologists who was a female visited with us. Because we are working through a journey focused on female stereotypes and strong role models, we were very excited and lucky to see so many strong female role models on this tour.

The tour was amazing and the girls had great questions.


SPECIAL thanks to Angie Novak and her pals for the time and experience. We are very grateful!!

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