BROWNIES – My Best Self badge


Brownies visited one of the local pediatric practices in town, thanks to the assistance of Dr. Katie Price, who happens to also be a mom from our school. This visit helped the Brownies fulfill their My Best Self badge, which they began a couple of weeks ago.



First Dr. Price talked to us about how to stay healthy, how to talk to our parents about being sick, and some important health rules and practices so we can be our best selves. Then, she showed us around the office – we got to see how closely doctors work together so they can collaborate on patients and hang out in an exam room.


We also got to watch Dr. Rich Price put a cast on his daughter (and our friend) and then they cut it right back off again. The cast saw was loud! Our tour ended in the office conference room where Dr. Katie Price and her staff had put together “doctor” kits for us with some fun toys.


We had a lot of fun, learned a lot about the physical part of being our best selves, and we may even have some future doctors out of this group after this visit!

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  1. Your troop is amazing! What a neat trip to the Doctor’s office! There is no reason why any girl that wants to be a doctor can not meet that goal if she works hard.
    Yours in Girl Guides and Girl Scouts! Virginia Brown

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