Juniors – Reach Out badge EARNED!!

Reach out1

Girl Scout leadership journeys invite girls to explore a theme through many experiences and from many perspectives- through the 3 keys to leadership: Discover + Connect + Take Action!

reach out8

Our Juniors have earned the ‘Reach Out’ badge! They accomplished this by reaching out to women and girls to explore the many roles they play in the world and learning about the leadership skills they use to play them.

Last Week, the girls broke into groups and discussed the women in their lives and the roles they play. Each team invited a woman to join us this week for a panel discussion to learn more about the different roles they play in life. Every girl participated by asking some GREAT questions.

Three, of the five women invited, were able to attend the scheduled meeting to sit on the panel. All three were very inspirational.

reach out2

reach out3
Mrs. Browning – Discussed how God, and her faith, have been the most influential thing in her life. She is a Pre-Kindergarden teacher at the Catholic School our troop attends, and is a familiar face to the girls in our Junior troop as her son is in their grade at school. She talked more about her teaching and how she came to doing that. She originally worked in radio and it was not the right role for her. She touched a lot on her struggles with having patience, having love for everyone and working with children under 5.

reach out5

reach out4
Mrs. Hurt- She talked about how everything she does is based on the foundation of God. She is an Intermediate School teacher at the Catholic school our girls attend. Mrs. Hurt was the first person in her family to graduate from college. She talked about how she prays and about the many roles that she plays in life. She touched on her children, one of whom runs an orphanage in Africa, her travels, her cooking (all from scratch), her canning and, her farming. Mrs. Hurt discussed why she made some of the decisions in her life, such as how she originally wanted to become a nurse until she found out she fainted every time she saw blood!

reach out7

reach out6
Mrs. Coltrinari – Mandy, also talked about how God is the foundation for everything in her life. She touched on the many different roles in her life, including her job as a Nurse Practitioner. She explained why she became a nurse and her choice to not become a doctor. Her mother was the most influential person in her life. She discussed how her mom is a very strong woman and taught her that there is nothing she cannot do.

The girls asked great questions, for example… Was there anything that stopped you from performing a role? What influenced you to perform a certain role? How does God play a roll in your life? Etc.

Thank you to Mrs. Browning, Mrs. Hurt and Mrs. Coltrinari for your time! The girls had a great time!!! (even the photos are proof they were paying attention…those leaders, well….hmmmm. LOL)

reach out9

In preparation for the next step in the journey and to earn the ‘Speak Out’ badge, the girls were asked to start thinking about stereotypes and to discuss this with their family. This badge work encourages us to speak out against stereotypes by:

· Identifying a stereotype that could hold you or others back from trying on roles in life

· Teaming up to create a story about this stereotype, and

· Sharing your story to inspire other people (kids, adults, whoever you choose!) to help you stop the stereotyping.

We are looking forward to engaging in further conversation!

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