Nice Words Project – Juniors (Pt.1)

We have continued with the Nice Words Project with our other 2 levels. If you recall, Brownies started us out a few weeks ago. We have gotten through the rest of the troop with just as much chaos as we seemed to have with the Brownies!! It’s not an easy project to keep everyone on task when you really only have 2-3 girls “working” at a time. However, the Juniors “warmed up” fairly quickly and got a good system down for rotating the group through to be more efficient. (pictured below is a sampling)

nice words Alesia

nice words BridgetB

nice words Lauren

nice words Magdalena

nice words SarahC

We also did this project with the Daisies. They were all pretty quiet and shy and seemed to write the same words each time. Unfortunately, when we got home to pull the photos off the SD card, every one of them was blurry! URGH 😦

This project has the potential for MAJOR impact so we feel it is important to see it through with acceptable results. We would like to stress to the girls that “positive attributes” do not have to (and actually should not) pertain to the way a girl LOOKS! While “Nice”, “Pretty” and “Good friend” are all positive assets, we want them to think deeper and come up with better descriptives of how their sister-friends inspire/motivate/encourage/etc them. We will definitely do this project again towards the end of the year.

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