Nice Words Project – Brownies (Pt.1)

One of our leaders found this REALLY GREAT idea on Pinterest (a fave of most of us!) to work into our Self-Esteem program. The whole point is to have each girl sit in front of a whiteboard and have her troopmates write positive/nice words about her then take a photo. As we only have access to 1 whiteboard in our troop space, we opted to break this up over 3 different weeks and have a level at a time take their turn on the board. So, Brownies started.

Here are a few photos from what we are going to have to call “the experiment” because it wasn’t necessarily as successful as it SHOULD have been. Either because the Brownies were a bit rowdy that day or because it is just a little too early in the year for everyone to know each other well enough to put something meaningul on the board behind everyone. See- “I don’t no you”. Or….and this is probably the best answer….it was a little bit of both!

Nice words A 1

Nice words A 2

Nice words A 3

Nice words A 4

We are going to go ahead and complete the project over the next few weeks with the other 2 levels so everyone has the same experience. Then, we will probably do it again late in the year to compare and contrast the photos and “nice words” to see how much the girls have grown themselves and with each other.

Sometimes, when you are responsible for 40 KIDS things change on the fly 🙂

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  1. Even the lines were added as the first girl had words that were all across the whiteboard and I couldn’t zoom in on the actual girl! 🙂

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