2013-2014 Day 1

Our year is officially under way! It was a great first meeting. Our returning girls got right back into the swing of things and our new girls were welcomed and got into the groove without a hitch!

We started the meeting with snack time! This year we are encouraging HEALTHY snacks as opposed to that which is easy. By introducing healthier food choices, we in turn promote positive body image which falls right in line with our Self-Esteem program.
first mtg2
DAISIES (The girls got to decorate their reusable snack cups so they will know which one is their’s every week.)

first mtg3

first mtg1

Then we group up for our Girl Scout Promise, Girl Scout Law, Pledge of Allegiance and 15 minutes of Self-Esteem discussion. On the first day we went around the circle and everyone said something nice about the person to the right and to the left. This meant everyone walked away knowing two positive things about themselves, as seen through the eyes of someone else! There were a lot of smiles on faces after this!
first mtg5

first mtg4

Our Daisies were assigned a Junior Buddy, to help out during the whole year when an extra set of hands is needed.
first mtg6

After our Self-Esteem discussion during circle time, we break out into age-level groups to work on badge work.

(Not pictured) Daisies started the year with a few get-to-know you games. They each got 5 M&Ms and each color aligned to a specific question, they had to answer those questions based on the colors of M&Ms they received. They also did a toss the ball game where they had to answer the question written on the ball that landed under their right hand. It is a small group so everyone got to know each other well while having a fun time!

Brownies did a “getting to know you” balloon game where the girls had to answer questions on the balloon about themselves, and a Girl Scout law game where they talked about what each line of the law means, with examples.
first mtg10

Juniors talked about roles that we play in life (sister, friend, student, daughter, gymnast, soccer player, wrestler, etc.) and that we might like to “try on’ through the course of the Amuse Journey and their lives (dentist, veterinarian, race car driver, friend, mom, wife, businesswomen, teacher etc). The Journey is the primary focus for Junior Girl Scouts until Christmas Break. The girls selected “roles” for themselves and for their friends. Then, discussed if they thought those were roles that they thought were a good fit for them and whether it was something they liked to do or would like to be.

They also touched on Stereotypes. The badge focuses on how stereotypes could hold the girls or others back from trying on roles and how to take action to help stop stereotypes.
first mtg7

first mtg9

first mtg8

To end each meeting, after age-level break out, we join together in a Friendship circle to pass the “squeeze” and end the meeting on a positive note. When schedules permit we do this as an all-troop activity.

All in all, The girls had a good time, lots of chattering, but with a group of nearly 40 girls that is to be expected. This is a great group of girls, with some of them having been in the troop for 5 years now. We have watched them since they were Kinders and, geez-louise, have they grown, matured and gained confidence. Each of the girls is a leader in her own right. We feel so lucky to have such a bright group of girls willing to learn with us each week.

We look forward to a SUPER FUN year!

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