2013 Leader (and kids) Retreat

leader retreat1

Today is the day….our FIRST meeting of the new year!! Boy are we excited. It’s a day we look forward to with much anticipation (and a little stress!) but which we have planned over the course of several leader meetings, including our annual leader “retreat”.

leader retreat7

This year we did our retreat over the weekend of August 24th, which is a little later than usual but when you have 8 full-time working moms with BUSY families, you stick it on the calendar where it works! We spent HOURS sharpening about 45,000 pencils and testing 45,001 markers. 🙂 Then, sorting supplies and organizing the master calendar for the year. We have a great set of all-troop events scheduled for the year, some good ideas for badge work and, what we think will be, an amazing update to our very important “Self Esteem” program…now entering it’s 2nd year.

But…in addition to the work necessary to get the ball rolling on the troop year, we also have a lot of fun with our own kids!

leader retreat3 leader retreat5

leader retreat9 leader retreat8

leader retreat14 leader retreat12

Thank you to Dr. and Mrs. Copeland for allowing us the use of your family’s cabin AGAIN! It is much appreciated and we always enjoy ourselves.

leader retreat15

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