Camping 2013

Annual Family Camping trip at Vega State Park
Camping1 - Copy

We have tried a different place each year for our camping trip baring in mind several factors. After this trip, many declared it a great place for our camping trip based on distance from home and the beatiful scenery. It is also nice in that the lake is very close to the campsites so anyone, who wanted, could fish during down/free time. The wildflowers are gorgeous and the deer bouncing through camp at dusk is pretty special. At an elevation of 8,000 feet, Vega State Parkโ€™s high-mountain lake sits in a beautiful montane meadow on the northeast edge of Grand Mesa National Forest. We are fortunate in that this lovely location is about an hour from our home.

A special thanks goes out to two troop dads, Frank and Dave, who put in a lot of extra effort to ensure our camping experience was above and beyond! The leaders, parents and especially the girls had a great time thanks to their added efforts and assitance!

Archery was COOL! – E.G, Junior
Frank did an awesome archery lesson – A.L, Parent
I had a lot of fun camping. My favorite part was learning how to shoot a bow and arrow – C.W, Junior

Camping15 Camping14

CAmping13 Camping4 - Copy


We always do a flag retirement ceremony over our campfire. This is a great opportunity to show reverance to our flag while teaching the girls one of the ways to respectfully dispose of the flag.
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Badgework and fun!! We try to do badgework while on our camping trip as it is the only opportunity during our time with the troop where we have them for more than an hour and a half at a time. This year the Juniors and Brownies worked on First Aid and Girl Scout Way legacy badges and the Brownies also worked on their Snacks badge. For these badges the girls made first aid kits, learned how to read nutrition labels and made healthy snacks, did a nature scavenger hunt, played some “lift the spirit” games and had a chat with a couple of the leaders about Girl Scouts Then and Now. Learned Skills (knives, knots and “Leave No Trace”) and Art To Wear are fun patches we always work on. We take the opportunity during this weekend experience to re-emphasize proper knife handling and safety and always make a camp t-shirt and piece of jewelry for the girls to keep as a memento. Archery was an additional fun patch this year thanks to Frank offering to teach safety and bringing up supplies. And….of course….we enjoy a s’more or two!

Camping3 - Copy

My favorite activity was the t-shirts. I also liked doing the button bracelet. – B.G, Junior

Camping10 Camping9 - Copy

Camping8 - Copy

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B burst into tears on the way home from our Girl Scout camping weekend, at the thought of missing all her friends. It was sad, but also sweet… knowing we are helping to build wonderful lifetime memories! She and I really love this troop, they are SUPER fun! – C.M, Leader

It really is an awesome troop! I feel so fortunate to be a part of it! – D.S, Leader

I second that! K and all of us had a great weekend! – L.W, Parent

We had a great weekend! Thank you to all of you for really making this such an amazing weekend and an amazing year! – K.F, Parent

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  1. what a great experience you provided for your girls! everything looks so neat and organized. i would love to hear your advice on how to plan and prepare for a trip like this. your website is fantastic as well! you guys really have it together. amazing!

    • Jennifer….this is A LOT of work. We sit down as a leadership group about 2 months before hand and decide which activities can “overlap” on badgework between our 3 levels, as we are a multi-level troop. Then that is how we decide which 2-3 badges to work on. Then we split up the assignments on who will plan/work/shop for supplies for each of the activities we have agreed we will work on. That leader is 100% responsible for everything for her activity…takes the stress off any one person to do everything. I then create a schedule, in colored blocks of time, so we don’t overwhelm anyone with any one thing…this also helps the girls visually see what comes next and how long it will take. A bit OCD but it keeps the questions and complaining to a minimum. Also, as this is the 4th year we have done this, we get a little better each year…much better this year than the first year, that’s for sure! We are also extremely fortunate that our network of parents/volunteers is highly specialized in outdoors, etc. We have parents who work for Department of Wildlife, County Search and Rescue, the police department, the Bureau of Land Management, the school district, the hospital, etc. Really what it boils down to is a lot of adult participation. We also like having it be a family camp because the parents get to see and/or participate with their daughters and it is GREAT advertising to younger sisters/siblings ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thanks for your compliment on the blog….it has been fun starting it and our parents appreciate the “one stop shop” for photos, etc. Ideally, as the Juniors work on a Computer Expert badge, it will be their responsibility to maintain the website now that we know what we are doing ๐Ÿ™‚

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